Developed by a Jeuno-based research team, this mineral compound has the power to pull energies from beyond planar rifts into the bearer's own existential phase. An essential item issued to all soldiers of the Voidwatch.
  • Used at a Planar Rift in conjunction with the appropriate Stratum Abyssite to receive 30 minutes of Voidwatcher status and spawn a VwNM. The stone is only consumed upon successful defeat of the VwNM; if you fail, the stone is saved until your next successful encounter unless you are the player who spawned the VwNM. The spawner always loses a voidstone, regardless of success or failure.
  • The wait time to obtain voidstones can be reduced by 4 hours by obtaining a Key ItemVivid Periapt of Exploration, making a new stone available every 16 hours.
  • A player can carry 3 voidstones initially. A further 3 stones are possible with Key ItemVivid Periapt of Frontiers, Key ItemDusky Periapt of Frontiers, Key ItemNeutral Periapt of Frontiers.
  • Speak to any Voidwatch Officer while having at least one Key ItemVoidstone in your possession. First, choose to "Ask a Bunch of Questions". At the bottom of the list, choose "Voidstone Consumption". Choosing "Take From Stock" will allow you to use voidstones without having to run back and refill them, until you've run out completely.