In Monstrosity, leveling up monipulators allows you to learn an instinct every 30 levels. The following instincts are all from Vermin.

Instinct NameEffectFaculty

Bee (MON)
Bee Instinct I AGI+5 Attack+10 Evasion+5 2
Bee Instinct II HP+2% MP+50 INT+5 4
Bee Instinct III STR+10 VIT+5 Haste+3% 6
Damselfly (MON)
Damselfly Instinct I AGI+5 Attack+5 Evasion+20 4
Damselfly Instinct II STR+10 DEX+10 Accuracy+10 Haste+1% 6
Damselfly Instinct III HP+1% DEF+20 Double Attack+3% 8
Wamouracampa (MON)
Wamoura Instinct I HP+3% DEF+20 Physical Damage Taken-5% 6
Wamoura Instinct II Trans Fire+100 Resist Virus+100 Magic Damage Taken-3% 8
Wamoura Instinct III INT+10 Conserve TP+3 Damage Taken-5% 10
Ladybug (MON)
Ladybug Instinct I DEX+7 Trans Wind+40 Daytime: Evasion+30 6
Ladybug Instinct II Resist Silence+30 Haste+3% Sunny weather: Regen+2 8
Ladybug Instinct III Resist Gravity+30 Triple Attack+3% Windy weather: Trans Wind+100 10
Gnat (MON)
Gnat Instinct I Trans Wind+20 Store TP+7 Haste+2% 8
Gnat Instinct II DEX+16 Trans Dark+25 Fast Cast+7 10
Gnat Instinct III Evasion+25 Triple Attack+1% Haste+5% 12
Beetle (MON)
Beetle Instinct I HP+3% VIT+10 DEF+15 2
Beetle Instinct II STR+7 Undead Killer+1 Resist Sleep+30 4
Beetle Instinct III Stoneskin+50 Enemy Critical Hit Damage-15% Refresh+1 6
Crawler (MON)
Crawler Instinct I HP+3% Attack+3 Resist Slow+30 4
Crawler Instinct II Trans Fire+30 Accuracy+5 Physical Damage Taken-2% 6
Crawler Instinct III STR+10 Fire Trans FireMagic Attack Bonus+10 Breath Damage+10% 8
Spider (MON)
Spider Instinct I HP+2% Evasion+10 Double Attack+1% 6
Spider Instinct II Evasion+10 Critical Hit Rate+5% Haste+3% 8
Spider Instinct III Accuracy+5 Attack+3% Critical Hit Damage+10% 10
Diremite (MON)
Diremite Instinct I INT+5 Attack+30 Arcana Killer+1 8
Diremite Instinct II Haste+4% Occult Acumen+5 Enhances effect of Drain and Aspir by 10% 10
Diremite Instinct III STR+9 Store TP+10 Dark Magic Cast Time-10% 12
Scorpion (MON)
Scorpion Instinct I Accuracy+5 Attack+25 Earth Trans EarthMagic Attack Bonus+10 4
Scorpion Instinct II STR+10 Double Attack+1% Critical Hit Damage+5% 6
Scorpion Instinct III STR+20 Accuracy+10 Resist Poison+80 8
Antlion (MON)
Antlion Instinct I VIT+5 Trans Earth+50 DEF+30 6
Antlion Instinct II Resist Blind+50 Earth Trans EarthMagic Attack Bonus+10 Spell Interruption Rate down+30% 8
Antlion Instinct III DEF+30 Resist Bind+50 Double Attack+3% 10
Chigoe (MON)
Chigoe Instinct I Accuracy+5 Evasion+20 Triple Attack+1% 6
Chigoe Instinct II AGI+10 INT+5 Haste+5% 8
Chigoe Instinct III DEX+15 Fast Cast+10 Triple Attack+2% 10
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