Requirements:   Level 70 minimum.
  Win Veridical Conflux 3
  Monsters:   Pardus x9
  Boss:   Canis Dirus x2
  Reward: Accord Hat/Accord Hat +1
Katipo Charm/Katipo Charm +1
Shifting Necklace/Shifting Necklace +1
Fugacity Mantle/Fugacity Mantle +1
Quartz Tathlum/Quartz Tathlum +1
Horde Lullaby II
Devious Die


  • Similar to other WoE Battlefields, when a monster is killed, there is a chance that one other random monster in the zone will run toward where the first one died. This includes the boss Canis Dirus.
  • All monsters run at flee speeds.
  • Parduses reset hate after using Roar.
  • Canis Dirus's Gates of Hades can deal over 2000 damage without Shell and Barfira.
  • +1 gear items are only available when a walk becomes a surge walk.