Requirements:   Level 70 minimum.
  Win Veridical Conflux 2
  Monsters:   Saltopus x8
  Boss:   Natrix x1
  Reward:   Information Needed


  Drops:   Coin of Decay
  Coin of Birth
  Coin of Glory
  Coin of Advancement
Frayed Pouch of Glory
  Armoury Crate (Top 5):   Information Needed
  Armoury Crate (Boss):   ??? EXP (based on rank)
  Adapa's Slacks
  Adapa's Slacks +1
  Aenotherus Mantle
  Aenotherus Mantle +1
  Forban Cape
  Forban Cape +1
  Seraph Mittens
  Seraph Mittens +1
  Slither Gloves
  Slither Gloves +1
  Beech Log
Gold Ingot
Mythril Ingot
Darksteel Ingot
Elm Log
Silver Ore
Coral Fragment
Wyvern Skin
Water Spider's Web


  • Unlocked for everyone on the server after the Veridical Conflux 2 battle is won once.
  • Saltopus are Wyverns and use Aeroga II and Hurricane Breath. Can be easily Slowed, Paralyzed and Blinded with 312 enfeebling skill and appropriate staff. Damage from Hurricane Breath begins at 1-2k dmg and degrades as they Wyvern's hp goes down. It is highly recommended to have a stunner or two to stop this ability or deal massive amount of damage at the start of the fight to make Hurricane Breath a non-threat.
  • Natrix is Hydra, it uses Hydra (NM) moves Nerve Gas, Trembling, Barofield, Pyric Bulwark and Polar Bulwark but also the magics Silencega and Aeroga III.
    Susceptible to Slow and Stun. Gradually builds resistance to Stun.
    Shows immunity to spells while under the Polar Bulwark effect(noted on Stun, Blizzard IV and Thunder IV).
    Can easily be kited around the fountain in the lower area provided the Wyverns are cleared out. Range damage (nuking, range attacks, avatars, etc) while on the move or weaponskill while he is casting.
  • Saltopus will gradually walk towards Natrix's position after Natrix has been pulled.
  • After you fight one Saltopus, then Natrix will slowly but gradually start to work her way towards you. Other Saltopi may also aggro from VERY far away when engaging either another Saltopus or Natrix.
  • +1 gear items are only available when a walk becomes a surge walk.