Requirements: Level 70 or higher.
Server clear of Veridical Conflux 1
Boss: Harpimaira x5
Reward: Treasure Coffer (see below)
15,000 limit points
Torchbearer of the 4th Walk


Treasure Coffer
Special Items
32px Frayed Pouch of Birth (???%) 32px Frayed Pouch of Decay (???%) 32px Frayed Pouch of Glory (???%)
32px Frayed Pouch of Ruin (???%)
12489.png Pixie Hairpin (???%) 11749.png Sveltesse Gouriz 12846.png Wukong's Hakama
26696.png Pixie Hairpin +1 (???%) 28436.png Sveltesse Gouriz +1 28143.png Wukong's Hakama +1
00883.png Behemoth Horn* 00767.png Carnelian (???%) 00887.png Coral Fragment (???%)
00756.png Durium Ore* 00745.png Gold Ingot (???%) 02371.png Khimaira Horn*
00653.png Mythril Ingot (???%) 00740.png Phrygian Ore* 02198.png Water Spider's Web*
04965.png Aisha: Ichi Rare Rare* 04690.png Baramnesia Rare Rare*

*Items marked based on information recorded before the Walk of Echoes revamp. Accurate insofar, but please remove asterisks if you can confirm.


  • Alter Egos can be summoned in this battlefield, even if you have enmity.
  • Trivial to solo with Alter Egos and basic iLv119 gear using auto-attack.
  • +1 gear items are only available when a walk becomes a surge walk.