Requirements:   Level 70 minimum.
  Monsters:   Berry Syrup x4, Grenade Syrup x16
  Boss:   Morbid Mollasses x4
  Reward:   Information Needed


Drops: Coin of Advancement
Clot Plasma
Coin of Birth
Coin of Decay
Coin of Glory
Coin of Ruin
Slime Juice
Slime Oil
Armoury Crate (Top 5): Beech Log
Felicitas Cape
Frayed Pouch of Advancement
Frayed Pouch of Birth
Frayed Pouch of Glory (up to 2)
Frayed Pouch of Decay
Frayed Pouch of Ruin
Durium Ore
Orichalcum Ore
Rainbow Cloth
Armoury Crate (Boss): EXP (based on actions)
Adaman Ore
Ancient Beast Horn
Army's Paeon VI
Austerity Belt (up to 4) /Austerity Belt +1
Beech Log
Beech Lumber
Durium Ore (up to 2)
Eidolon Pendant (up to 2) /Eidolon Pendant +1
Felicitas Cape (up to 3) /Felicitas Cape +1
Fiendish Skin
Foe Requiem VII
Frayed Pouch of Advancement
Frayed Pouch of Birth (Up to 2)
Frayed Pouch of Decay (up to 3)
Frayed Pouch of Glory
Frayed Pouch of Ruin
Orichalcum Ore
Phrygian Ore (up to 3)
Rainbow Cloth (up to 2)Verification Needed
Sasuke Tekko/Sasuke Tekko +1
Stone V
Water Spider's Web
Wyvern Tailskin


  • As of the September 2010 update, monster AI behavior has been altered. Single monsters are pullable without a sac-pull, however monsters do link.
  • Only the boss needs to be defeated four times in order to win. Doing so will instantly kill all other monsters.
  • Nearby slimes will be attracted to death spot of any slime that is killed. It is recommended to kill slimes in isolated areas and away from pathway so that noone will aggro incoming slimes (aggro range ~16').
  • Morbid Mollasses can be isolated from the group of slimes by having a puller (outside of alliance) face aggro and kite the slimes away from the alliance while the alliance grabs the Morbid Mollasses to a safe position to fight.
  • Berry Syrups are resistant immune to physical damage.
  • Morbid Molasses casts Dispelga Sleepga II and Bindga.
  • All monsters are immune to Sleep.
  • Title Granted: Torchbeared of the 2nd Walk (on 2nd win).
  • +1 gear items are only available when a walk becomes a surge walk.