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|valign="top" BGCOLOR="#E0E0E0"|  [[Shell V]]
|valign="top" BGCOLOR="#E0E0E0"|  [[Shell V]]
|valign="top" rowspan="9" BGCOLOR="#e3e6ff"|  '''Armoury Crate (Boss):'''
|valign="top" rowspan="10" BGCOLOR="#e3e6ff"|  '''Armoury Crate (Boss):'''
|valign="top" BGCOLOR="#E0E0E0"|  2000~5000 EXP (based on rank)
|valign="top" BGCOLOR="#E0E0E0"|  2000~5000 EXP (based on rank)

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  Requirements:   Level 60 or higher.
  Monsters:   Damask Crab x9, Cyanic Crab x9
  Boss:   Caldera Crab x3
  Reward:   Information


  Drops:   Coin of Birth
  Coin of Decay
  Coin of Ruin
  Coin of Glory
  Armoury Crate (Top 5):   Frayed Pouch (B)
  Shell V
  Armoury Crate (Boss):   2000~5000 EXP (based on rank)
  Thrift Gloves and/or Belisama's Rope (2 in total)
  Ardor Pendant
  Beech Log
  Adaman Ore
  Foe Requiem VII
  Stone V
  Aisha: Ichi


  • The easiest way to win this fight is to use a sac-pull method to only pull the Boss monsters, ignoring and de-aggroing the weaker monsters. Monsters have Alliance hate only, so make sure the pullers are outside the alliance before beginning.
  • Only the boss needs to be defeated in order to win. Doing so will instantly kill all other monsters.
  • Damask Crabs are resistant to physical damage and cast Poisonga II and Waterga II.
  • Cyanic Crabs are resistant to magical damage and cast Water III.
  • Killing the crabs cause more to repop from the starting area.
  • Upon killing crabs, occasionally the boss Caldera Crab will come to its aid, running to where the crab was killed.
  • All monsters are immune to Sleep.
  • Have alliance hate.
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