Requirements: Level 70 minimum.
Monsters: Murderous Mandragora x6

Killer Korrigan x6
Lunatic Lycopodium x6
Pernicious Pachypodium x6

Boss: Annihilative Adenium x3
Reward: Information Needed



  Devious Die
  Coin of Advancement
  Coin of Ruin
  Coin of Decay
  Coin of Glory
  Information Needed


  Holy II
  Horde Lullaby II
  Coatl Gorget
  Coatl Gorget +1
  Chersos Helm
  Chersos Helm +1
  Meanagh Cape
  Meanagh Cape +1
  Information Needed


  Phrygian Ore
  Darksteel Ingot
  Platinum Ingot
  Demon Horn
  Gold Beastcoin
  Gold Ingot
  Information Needed

  • +1 gear items are only available when a walk becomes a surge walk.
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