Venture Roll is a game of dice, the goal is to come closest to 11 without going over it. It can be played at various game tables across Vana'diel.

Game Tables

Area Position Players Bet
Southern San d'Oria Lion Springs Tavern (K-6) 3 300 Gil
Northern San d'Oria Laborman's Way (F-6) 4 500 Gil
Windurst Waters (F-10) 3 300 Gil
Windurst Woods (I-13) 4 500 Gil
Port Bastok Steaming Sheep Restaurant (E-6) 3, 4 300 Gil, 400 Gil
Port Jeuno (I-8) 4 1000 Gil
Lower Jeuno (H-8) 2, 3, & 4 500, 2000, & 3000 Gil
Upper Jeuno Marble Bridge Eatery (F-7) 4 10000 Gil
Nashmau (G-9) 2 5000 Gil

How to Play

Go to one of the Game Tables and agree to play. Each table needs a certain amount of players. Once enough players have agreed to play, the initial dice will be cast. The initial throw is open and other players can see it. Now you have one minute for further casts, those can not be seen by fellow players. If you decide that your count is high enough, the time is up or you go over 11 (Bust), the game is finished for you. When all players have finished, the results are shown. The player with the highest number equal or smaller than 11 wins the bets of all players. Should a tie occur all bets are paid back and the game is void.