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| requirements=
| requirements=
| items =
| items =
| title=
| title=Vegetable Hero
| repeatable=No
| repeatable=No
| reward= 2000 [[Bayld]] <br> [[Midras's Helm +1]]
| reward= 2000 [[Bayld]] <br> [[Midras's Helm +1]]

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Start NPC Amchuchu - Western Adoulin Inventors' Coalition "Amchuchu's Laboratory" (J-10)
Title Granted Vegetable Hero
Repeatable No
Reward 2000 Bayld
Midras's Helm +1
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Vegetable Vegetable Crisis
The Usual


  • Touch the door labled Amchuchu's Laboratory in the Inventors' Coalition for a cutscene with Amchuchu.
  • Talk to Raibaht for a cutscene.
  • Head to (G-8) in the 3rd floor of the Palborough Mines and touch the Peculiar Fissure for a cutscene.
    • During the cutscene, you will be given a list of actions. Repeat them enough so you get the message "Your hand hurts." Once this happens the option "Think" will appear in the list of actions. Choosing this will end the cutscene and you can continue to the next step.
  • Return to Raibaht for a cutscene.
  • Head to (I-5) in Western Adoulin and click the Contemplation Site for a cutscene. Midras will ask for a Sabiki Rig.
  • Trade the Sabiki Rig to Midras for a cutscene and receive KeyItem Packet of Midras's Explosives.
  • Return to the Peculiar Fissure (G-8) Palborough Mines for a cutscene.
  • Touch again to battle the Bomb Incensed Pineapple.
    • All party members must be on or beaten this fight to help others.
    • You have 15 minutes to complete this battle.
    • If the bomb uses Self-Destruct, you fail the battle.
      • At 1 HP, the bomb will attempt to use Self-Destruct, but will then fall to the ground without using it. It will stay at 1 HP until doing this, so there's no need to stun it.
    • If you fail, you must trade another Sabiki Rig to the Contemplation Site for a new KeyItem Packet of Midras's Explosives.
  • After the battle return to Raibaht in the Metalworks
  • Return to the Contemplation Site for another cutscene and obtain the 2k bayld reward.
  • And finally go back to Amchuchu's Door in the Inventors' Coalition and obtain your brand new Midras's Helm +1

Game Description

Amchuchu (Inventors' Coalition, Western Adoulin)
Hoping to lift Midras out of his melancholic state, Amchuchu has sent you to Bastok to find out what first inspired him to become an inventor.
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