Recommended Fame Quests

Reputation Dialog

Reputation Level Norg Reputation Text
1 Who the hell are you? <Name>? Never heard of ya. How am I supposed to remember the name of one puny ant when there's millions of ya swarmin' around?
2 <Name>? I mighta hearda somebody that went by that name, but I meets a lot of people in me line of work. Don't look so upset there, matey. It takes a lot t'get people t'remember ya.

Yer an adventurer, go an' help people out. Little by little, they'll begin to trust ya, but don't expect anythin right away.

3 Wait a minute, I remember you...Mich...no...<Name>, right? Ya see, do a little work, and people start recognizin' ya. Keep up tha good work!
4 Well if it isn' <Name>. Hear yer name lots 'round these parts lately. Why, I remembers when you was nothin' but a measly insect. Thanks t'me advice, you're doin' quite well here in Norg.
5 Oh, <Name>. I was just talkin' to me mateys about ya the other day. Nothin' bad, of course. They had all heard about yer deeds fer Norg. Some are even startin' t'think that maybe all you adventurers ain't so bad after all.
6 <Name>! There's hardly a soul in Norg that doesn't know yer bloody name. Oh, sorry 'bout that. Me mum never did teach me no manners. I'll watch me damn mouth...I mean, I'll watch me mouth from now on.
7 <Name>...Mister <Name>. You've become quite the household name 'round Norg. All me mateys keep askin' me if I can introduce them to ya. You've made quite a reputation for yerself! Lookin' at ya gets me thinkin' like I should leave tha life on the open sea, and become an adventurer!
8 Mister <Name>! There's already rumors of yer last adventure goin' 'round Norg. You're startin' t'become some sorta legend!
9 Lord <Name>! Next t'our leader, Gilgamesh, yer the most famous person in all'a Norg! Some of me mateys are even callin' ya a hero! May the light of the Dawn Goddess shine down uon ya in all yer journeys 'round Vana'diel!