Deep inside the pirate's lair, this cavern houses Item Deliverers, the Auction House (Norg) and Nomad Moogles. The Auction House is a rag-tag collection of tables, barrels and chests located in the north west corner of Norg, with several levels of ramps below it to access the other services available here.

Location: Norg (F-6 - G-7)

Shop type: open area

Norg AH

Norg Auction House




Name Purpose Location
Atrevaux Auction House Representative G - 6
Zoldba Auction House Representative
Gofufu Auction House Representative
Agatsum Auction House Representative
Paleille Item Deliverer G - 7
Spasija Item Deliverer
Paito-Maito NPC G - 6
Mamaulabion Starts Quests:
G - 6
Gottna NPC - Watches attentively over a mysterious path to a steam ship dock! G - 7
Quntsu-Nointsu Travelling Bard - Titles-changer G - 7
Ramon NPC G - 7
Nomad Moogle x 3 They 'kupo' here, they 'kupo' there, they 'kupo' almost everywhere!! G - 7
Odilinia NPC G - 7
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