:Event Overview
Bullet Two-part Special Talk Session
The development and operations teams will be discussing the content of the next version update, job enhancements, overall plans for the upcoming year, and much more!

Keep your ears perked for an extra-special announcement!

Bullet Special Mini-concert
VanaFest 2010 presents "The Small Onions," a new three-piece group formed for the eighth anniversary of FINAL FANTASY XI. All attendees can expect a quiet night featuring beautiful FINAL FANTASY XI classics newly arranged for violin, piano, and bass.

Bullet Nomad Mog Bonanza
The Nomad Mog Bonanza is a special live edition of Vana'diel's beloved number-guessing game with the winning numbers announced in real time at VanaFest 2010!

Any FINAL FANTASY XI player can participate, so just pick a five-digit number of your choice and apply!
*Whether attending in person or waiting for the results at home, all participants must apply online before February 21!
For more details, refer to the Nomad Mog Bonanza page!

Bullet Secret Bonus Stage
A mysterious FINAL FANTASY XIV event!

... and much much more! Stay tuned for more detailed updates!
*Please be aware that event details are subject to change at any time.

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VanaFest 2010

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