The Vana'diel Chocobo Society (VCS) is involved in Chocobo Raising and stocking the Chocobo Stables of Vana'diel. It is an international organization designed to train and dispatch chocogirls and chocoguys to stables across Vana'diel. They provide courses on practical chocobo riding and the proper ways to care for a chocobo, as well as working to improve the treatment of chocobos from here to Aht Urhgan. Anyone can join as long as they love chocobos.

Known Members



Racing Associates

Racing associates can be found by accessing the Chocobo Circuit from their respective cities.

Racing Associates (Pashhow Swamptrot Races)

As of the 9/9/2010 patch, these NPCs have been moved from the actual cities and are now in their respective entryways to Chocobo Circuit. You can access them by entering the circuit from the appropriate city.

Race Commentators