Valoredge Head on Valoredge Frame

Controls the AI of the Automaton.

Elemental Slots

Trans Fire.gif 3 Trans Wind.gif 2 Trans Lightning.gif 2 Trans Light.gif 2
Trans Ice.gif 0 Trans Earth.gif 3 Trans Water.gif 0 Trans Dark.gif 0

Skill Rank Modifier

  • Melee +1

Spell-Casting Delay

Each category of magic has a separate recast timer, while the automaton also has a universal recast timer which determines the minimum time between any two spells being cast.

  • ~20? second universal delay.
  • ~20 second Healing delay.




Curing Priority

Will only cure the master and puppet, prioritizing whoever has more hate. Cures only occur when below a certain percentage of health. See the damage gauge article for more info.

Spell List

Spells become available as Automaton Magic Skill increases.

Skill Level Spell
12  Cure
45  Cure II
81  Cure III
147  Cure IV

How to Obtain