The final wing of Einherjar within the Hazhalm Testing Grounds. It contains only Odin's Chamber, where the Dark Rider Odin awaits....

Entry into Valgrind

The player making a reservation for Odin's Chamber must have all nine feathers (key items) from clearing the chambers from previous wings. In addition, each participant must have at least one feather from each wing (previously everyone had to have all nine feathers). Upon entering Valgrind, all feathers will be revoked for all members and must be obtained again at a later time.

Historical Background

In Norse mythology, Valgrind is the main gate into Valhalla (also called Valhöll), Odin’s hall in Asgard, the abode of the Aesir (Norse pantheon). Valgrind is reputed for being hard to open. The Einherjar reside with Odin in Valhalla until Ragnarok. Very few know how the door is locked. Valgrind is Norse for "gate of the slain".

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