Valaineral R Davilles
Valaineral R Davilles
Paladin/White Mage (Due to him casting Banish III
Royal Guard


  • Appears in campaign battles as the leader of the Royal Guard.
  • Valaineral is among the few that may be dispatched to Beaucedine Glacier (S) and Xarcabard (S) once San d'Oria regains most territory in their cordon.
  • Wields a Hauteclaire with a 100% proc rate additional effect: Light Damage. The additional light damage often deals a great amount of damage to enemies.
  • Periodically uses Shield Bash.
  • Casts Protect IV, Shell IV, Cure IV, Flash, Holy and Banish III.
  • Uses Invincible
  • Has a moderate Auto Regen effect.
  • Davilles favours using an AoE Light based weapon skill, Uriel Blade.
  • Has access to all Sword Weapon Skills.
  • Talk:The protection of the throne comes before all else. Only by direct order of the royaulais will I wield my blade on the battlefield. Such is the duty of the Royal Guard.
  • Battle Cry: Let the Blade of the Conqueror once again bring glory to the kingdom!

Involved in Quests

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