Job: Black Mage
Family: Ladybugs
Crystal: None
Notorious Monster
Title Obtained: Qmark
Zone Level Drops Steal Spawns Notes
Abyssea - Altepa Qmark
  • None
1 A, L, M, H
~25,000 HP
??? MP
A = Aggressive; NA = Non-Aggresive; L = Links; S = Detects by Sight; H = Detects by Sound;
HP = Detects Low HP; M = Detects Magic; Sc = Follows by Scent; T(S) = True-sight; T(H) = True-hearing
JA = Detects job abilities; WS = Detects weaponskills; Z(D) = Asleep in Daytime; Z(N) = Asleep at Nighttime; A(R) = Aggressive to Reive participants

Spawn Conditions Companions/Summons
  • N/A
Special Abilities Passive Traits
  • Spiral Burst - Random frontal AoE damage ranging anywhere from 400-7000. Ignores shadows. Spiral Burst has zero 'readying' time on occasion. This ability can be used with either 0 TP, or the NM has powerful Regain, or wind magic gives it 100+ TP instantlyExclamation.
  • Absorbs Wind damage
Physical Qualities Magical Qualities
Further Notes
  • Hits very hard and often triple attacks.
  • Normal movement speed. Can be easily kited around the rocks west and killed if someone is available to stun its Tornado cures
  • Hits lightly armored characters for anywhere from 500 to 1700.
  • Seems to use Spiral Burst immediately after casting as long as it's not healing itself with Tornado
  • Possible to THF tank with Evasion Gear/Songs
  • Inappropriately strong for an echelon 5 NM: tears through Atma of the Ducal Guard avatars faster than Pantokrator, and Spiral Burst ignores shadows.

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