• Snorglepuss

    Fishing Template

    May 22, 2020 by Snorglepuss

    There are notes I've been adding below the fishing table on each fish's page regarding additional pertinent fishing info (mostly the other fishes that will bite on recommended baits). It would be nice to have these incorporated into the template, at the bottom with maybe the same yellowish background as the top of the template, with either a "| notes =" or "| strategy =" in the template.

    Also, the "Fish may be too small" parameter is unnecessary, as the listed (recommended) rods should already be appropriate small fish or large fish rods. And, if you're going to have the "too small" parameter, you would also have to have the "too big" parameter, since both situations exist (I've experienced both messages). "Too small" or "too big" are reall…

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  • Snorglepuss

    Talk Page Problem

    April 10, 2017 by Snorglepuss

    Ever since the most recent Fandom makeover of this website, there has been a problem regarding the Talk page total in the button at the top of each article's main page. From what I can deduce, each article's Talk page total has been changed, and changed to zero if noone added a title to their entry on the Talk page; the Talk page total now just seems to count titled entries. In checking 3 of my recent Talk page entries where my entry was the only one, the Talk page total showed zero until after I added a title (nothing more) to my entry.

    It also seems that anything untitled on the Talk page is now listed as "uncategorized", which I'm guessing leads to the incorrect total on the main page Talk total. So now, anyone looking at any article's …

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