So, while doing Adoulin pre-requisites to The Ygnas Directive, the 100% adoulin quests completed, soon you gonna see this gonna require a couple of cooking related foods. The Westerly Breeze 3 related quests (Wisdom Soup, Goblin Drink and Cursed Beverage), the Exotic Delicacies (Saffron), and possibly some more.

While this should be no problem for a server with an active AH, for small servers it can get bothersome to have them stocked. As Im in such small server, and waiting restock isnt my thing, given how easy is to craft nowaday, I decided to just grab a mule and level it to enough lv (Cursed Beverage is a high lv craft so just to the cap).

So, while in this trip, I decide to share some pathing I did, as well some improvings I didnt notice while rushing to lv it up (and wasting some unnecessary money on Kits).

First thing, some general tips, that can help in any other craft lvling.

General Tips:

  • Always keep track on the craft page. Check what item you gonna need in the Limit Break tasks. Sometimes you need some rare item thats not often stocked. Preparing beforehand can potentially save literal hours of work, or maybe days if the thing is really hard to get. So, figure all LB items, make a list whats easy/fast to get and whats not. For those that arent easy, just camp AH and buy them as soon as you can.
  • Again, keep track on the recipes in list. While those guides like this one tries to help this particular bullet, by giving a easy to follow route, sometimes one item at a low lv recipe can be used to another high lv recipe. For example, skilling by crafting Darksteel Ingots for a lv range, you can save the ingots to use them in a recipe with higher lv range, so reducing the costs/time. Cooking done have that many shortcuts as you dont reuse foods unless youre crafting another ingredient. Still, here is the hint.
  • Skilling Up crafts has two major challenges: first one is the cost. Some recipes can be potentially cost a lot. Just a lazy example, if youre using a Cooking Kit 95, then youre paying a whooping 22.590g for a simple craft. For any noticeable skill up, you gonna need at least a stack, or even 4 if youre in those high lv range, so thats costs can easily surpass millions if youre going this route. And you need, as you can get things pretty cheap on cooking.
  • Second major challenge is ingredients availability. Not every server has infinite amount of items stocked in AH, not even active servers. Most of time, a suposelly easy recipe is no good just because you cant find an item. Cooking have much of this, given a lot of "easy" recipe requires some fish, and you arent finding dozen stacks of some fish. Even more some very exquisite fish asked in Cooking. So, for those, the best thing is to always keep track on Cooking recipes, figure the "easy" ones, map the ingredients you can easily access and what other you need to farm, or need to camp AH. Pro-Tip: very high lv recipes (lv100~110 range) most likely than not you gonna need to camp AH at the very first day. This guide will try to provide some hints though.
  • Recipe lv range: your skillup gain is higher the lower your craft lv is compared to the recipe minimum lv, and pretty low if your lv is higher. While this is an important factor, now come the crafting strategies, that gonna talk about following up.
  • Crafting strategies to skill up: Gonna list the factor i consider when skilling up, that gonna dictate what recipe to choose:
    • Recipe difficulty: I would say some recipe is "difficult" if it requires too many ingredients. Cooking have a lot of this. It gets just bothersome to deal with a recipe that have 8 ingredients plus crystal. The lower different type of item a recipe ask, easier its. And if those different types are all supplied by NPC, then this recipe gets very easy. But, even if this "easy" recipe requires a legendary fish just a expert fisher can catch in some unknown lake, the this supposelly "easy" recipe becomes just... impossible. keep that in mid when choosing a recipe. Recipes with just few easy to get ingredients are the very best. Even more if they are also cheap, whats the next point.
    • Cost: if you can save some cash, why not? If some recipe is "easy" but it costs 22k per attempt. Others, silightly harder, can costs like 100g. Personally my main factor to choose a recipe is its difficulty, cost isnt negligible, the benefits need to be considerated.
    • Ingredient disponibility: well, if you can afford paying some price, you can always resort to crafting kits. Up till lv50, they have infinite supply on NPC. After that point, it will depend if others escutcheon crafters are storing those Kits for points, but generally half of the lv50~100 kits gonna be available. Ideally you want some recipe with ingredients that can be entirely provided by NPC so you have infinite supply. Second to that, you want an ingredient sold by Guild slowly restocked so you can keep buying daily beforehand. Third, you wanna recipes that require a farmed item from common fodders in common camps with common drop rate. Finally you want a recipe with ingredients that arent that easy to farm, the mob isnt that common or the drop rate isnt that high, but even then you can see some stacks on AH regularly. You totally dont want recipes with rare ingredients, expensive, from endgame bosses that are rarely stocked, or that legendary fish never sold in AH history. Items sold in NPC shop means you can instantly get them. Farmed items means you gonna need go outside and fight. This means you can potentially spend hours to get a sizable amount of said item. If in the end of the day you need to do that, and I did, have a THF or BLU lvled, so you can either kill with high TH or just cleave a bunch of those if they are close to each other. Normally cleaving can net faster items than killing one by one, even with higher TH (TH over TH4 helps just a percentage of drop rate while killing two mobs at same time means youre doubling your odds. Or if youre killing 40 of those mobs, then your drop rate is 40x higher, so keep that in mind while farming).
  • Craft Skill+ gear/suport: every craft has a bunch of gears that provides single amount of skills+ when wearing them. This is more important than it seems. Skills are minimum requirement to attempt a recipe (if youre below 5+ lvls of it, the breaking rate becomes too bothersome and can severely affect your skilling up at high lv) plus affect the skill up gain rate. While skilling up, there is another implicit benefit: it expand your range of recipes you can do. For example: up to 5 lv above your current one the "easiest" recipe requires 3 ingredients. But if you artificially increase your current lvl by 3, then you gonna have access to a 2 ingredients recipe just there. So, surely is benefitial to have the most of those "artificial" skill+. Those are provided by couple of craft items plus furnitures and finally synthesys suport, for a duration of a couple of mins. Take those limits to check what recipe is available.
  • Ionis/Food: not much to talk about this, just buy Kitron Macarons and keep it up all the time. But before eating, head to an Escha zone to double the duration due escha blessing. You can get same effect through other means, but overall the easiest is just to zone in Escha Zitah, eat then move to Adoulin. There, grab Ionis and use craft in Adoulin, where it has effect. You can move to Mog House if you want, as its still Adoulin. Both gonna provide bonus to skill gain plus reduces the chance to break. The cost isnt high, really no point not using them full time.
  • Skill up gain gear: those are rare/hard/bothersome to get, but if you can, why not. Below gonna list them but is up to you to decide if they are worth to get. Probably, going out of your way to get them wont make up the time spent. But if some are already in your to-do list, you could as well just hold your skilling up and grab them.
  • Skill up campaign: also rare but sometimes, SE gives you a couple of day per year to have a bonus while skilling up crafts. The window is very small, but if you happen to see them, probably is worth going over lv70 at that moment. Doesnt make any noticeable difference below this lv.
  • Skill up rate slowing after lv70: below lv70, or a sub lv, probably you can net one skill up per 10~15 crafts done. After that point, you gonna need around 4 crafts for a single 0.1 skill up if youre in a good spot, potentially going to dozens crafts for that 0.1 skill up if youre already past the recipe lv.

To be continued