Blue Magic - General Informations

Skilling Blue Magic - 2020


BLU is a very useful job to have for any daily errands. Surely my first job to go if i dont need TH.

So useful thats always good to have a couple of mules with a somehow good BLU for random stuffs you have some time gate, like farming spark/accolades: get one char, grab your weekly 2m, logout, login your second BLU and work on more 2m, thus bypassing the weekly limit on conversion.

Though easier said than done, for that you gonna need some preparation. Gear-wise shouldnt be your worst problem given ambuscade provide some very good options with Ayanmo and Jhakri sets, plus decent weapons with Naegling/Maxentius or their Kaja versions, aside anything else you can send between accounts.

Job points also isnt a major problem, as if you have some cleaving sets, eventually you gonna get there. Even just running daily stuffs.

Well, what gonna focus in this articles is the spells parts. You gonna need a bunch, you gonna spend a lot of time in the lottery that is learning some spells, but this isnt what i will discuss here.

Before you can learn the spells you need, any relevant spell actually, first thing you need to get enough blue magic skill. And this is what im working atm, and this what i will talk about.

Back when we didnt have a weekly cap on conversion, money was flowing everywhere and using sparks to buy blue magic skillup books (Copy of Life-Form Study) didnt seem unreasonable. Now, 2020, when we are entering some deflaction period, personally i think we should save cash when we can. And blue magic skill isnt something you would need to resort to this, and this few tips i will give you here can make this even more efficient so you definitively dont need this (using books).

First thing, we start as a burned BLU, no skills, no spells. In some cases no gear, no trusts, no nothing.

To earn blue magic skillups, we first need some very low lv blue magic spell so we can spam. Most players Ive read just sugest using Pollen over and over. Sounds good and brainless but magic skillups in FFXI tend to be slower when casted on yourself. There is some mechanism that gonna nerf the skillup gain. This is pretty noticeable with curing spells, so that most WHM tend to try skilling up their healing magic with undeads.

So, Pollen is good but i will provide an option to this, this is what this post is about. So lets take a look at BLU spell list and see what we have at lower lv.

I picked 2 spells there: Power Attack (Beetles) and Foot Kick (Rabbits). 2 spells gonna help us with the recast part. Waiting the recast can potentially slow down a lot the skilling up process. With two spells you can alternate them thus bypassing this recast without the need of haste magic or gear.

To get those spells, i sugest picking a lv1 weapon, possibly a sword type so you can also get a few sword skillup if you need them. I used a basic Xiphos, purchased in Bastok Markets. Head to Adoulin, grab your Ionis, grab some ilv gear, then move to Ceizak Battlegrounds waypoint #1 and move to H-8, close to Delve entrance. There are three rabbits there you can pull and just slowly swing your sword till it uses Foot Kick. This move isnt any rare to be used, just watchout with Whirl Claws that can deal some higher dmg. First spell done.

Now move to Yahse Hunting Grounds H-6. There is a couple of Beetles there. Pick one, watchout with aggros, then repeat the swinging on it. Power Attack is a bit rarer than the others Beetle moves but nothing really noticeable. I would say you can take up to 1h to get both spells given your luck, or as fast as a couple of mins. Having some haste source provided by trusts (like Koru-Moru plus Joachim) gonna speed up your swinging thus speeding up the TP feeding and more likely the mobs gonna use TP moves.

Ok, skillup spells done, now to some gear. You dont need basically anything, but it do helps having some Refresh in gear, like Jhakri Robe. Temachtiani set can improve the skill up gear, as it do Ionis, Liminus Earring, Moogle trust, cheer, etc. But they arent necessary and maybe the time you gonna take to get them wont make up for time saved on skill ups (im sure the time spent farming Liminus Earring will never pays the benefit provided). Well, if you can, Jhakri Robe, Moogle trusts and Ionis, that would be awesome, dont need much more. Also, dont have any attack on your gear, those arent benefitial for skilling up.

Despite being good, you dont need it at all. You could work naked, it will just take long because you gonna need to rest to recharge MP. And thats all those gear above mentioned provide: less or no time wasted resting.

Now the target: head to Yahse Hunting Grounds. There are five Colonization Reives around the center of map. Those Reives have a wide space, and a long distance between the roots and the enemies so you can just grab the roots and start spamming there without any aggro for a long time. And even if you do get one, the mobs are really weak. So, head to those roots and spam Power Attack > Foot Kick on those. Easy.

Now for the results, all i said im applying right now, Im at 1h skilling up from zero, currently at lv125 without any hassle. Im using Jhakri Robe+1, Moogle trust plus one refresh piece in weapon.

Another alternative i can sugest (but i didnt try it yet) would be the common Uragnites in Ceizak beach. Grab some tank and healer trusts and just spam the spells.

Thats all for today. Next post, gonna try reviewing the spells i see useful for a BLU mule to have, and what would be some optimizated method to get them (IMO).

See you.

EDIT: Finished skilling up blue magic. I would guess around 4h using the above mentioned method. I guess one thing important to say is that i have all RoV keys, including the ones that provides skillup gain bonus so I guess for a character totally brand new using this, the time skilling up can be significantly longer.

Also, i did some testing using food skill up just in case. With numbers, from 0 > 100 there is really no difference for a char with the RoV KIs. Using 2 chars, one with food and another one without, going all the way 0 > 100, after 1h, the char without food had 5 lvs over the one without it. I used it on a char above lv300 and it does seems like it was a bit faster but I didnt record the number neither compared it with a non-food char. I will try this when my chars get around it but there is little benefit using food at low lv, considering all RoV KIs get. Maybe it can vary in case you have none.