Gonna try adding quick fast japanese wording used in the game.

I dont have any knowledge about the name, but even then, its always possible to quickly associate game terms, for example, comparing an item description in japanese and in english, then narrowing few words that you potentially gonna see a lot in this game.

This can be useful for searching more information on google, or eventually contributing in a collaborative effort to discover news as soon as they land in game.

Gonna try adding few words here and there as i see them.

戦士 WAR
モンク MNK
白魔道士 WHM
黒魔道士 BLM
赤魔道士 RDM
シーフ THF
ナイト PLD
暗黒騎士 DRK
獣使い BST
吟遊詩人 BRD
狩人 RNG
忍者 NIN
竜騎士 DRG
召喚士 SMN
青魔道士 BLU
コルセア COR
からくり士 PUP
踊り子 DNC
学者 SCH
風水士 GEO
魔導剣士 RUN