Blue Magic - General Informations

Blue Magic Spells Hunting Sugestions

  • Erratic Flutter: Haste 2 self cast spell, mandatory for any melee solo oriented setup, and even as a party group, gives more freedom on how many buffs you need to gather. Localization Sugested: Mount Zhayolm (I/J-7), (G-7) - Reached by VW warp Mount Zhayolm and heading west. It will require Cast Plate: make sure to check beforehand the Gates of Halvung then search a ??? around the east and south parts of Mount Zhayolm maps. The ??? changes places and vanish once one player have checked. If no luck, head to (G-7) entrance to Halvung. Once there, keep heading west till you re-enter Mount Zhayolm, where you can find some more Walmouras camp around (C/D-6). If you're still that indredible unluck and didnt get it yet, you can head south toward Halvung entrance at (D-9), then walking like in diagonal in map, up to Halvung (K-6), then toward (G-4). To make this simple, its the place where Achamoth is spawned so make sure to check ZNM map to make clear where to find this last Walmoura camp (https://www.ffxiah.com/forum/topic/45829/zeni-notorious-monster-farming-guide/). If you still didnt get it, I recomend to just warp out and restart all this route from start, there should be enough time for new Wamouras to repop and, hopefully, you can get it this time.
  • Delta Thrust: Useful spell for its trait. Provides 4 trait points for Dual Wield for a cost of 2 Blue Magic Points. Nice offer and excelent option to pair with Barbed Crescent, farmed after this one, to provide Dual Wield trait 1 for you BLU, allowing dual wield one-hand weapon without subs like /NIN or /DNC. Most of time if not always your BLU gonna be dual wield, so this is a pretty much mandatory trait to have, and Delta Thrust saves your important Blue Magic points for better spells. Localization Sugested: Abyssea Misareaux (J-10/11) - Maritime Peiste. Not much secret on this. Abyssea spell farming is quite convenient, grab some Regen atmas and just head to mobs camp. Fast respawn and somehow squish mobs gonna accelerate this process. Just watchout for the annoying Grim Glower, that petrifies anyone facing the Peist. Another good option os Peistes in Grauberg [S]. There you can also fight Wivres for Demoralizating Roar, spell discussed later on.
  • Barbed Crescent:Paired with Delta Thrust above, a cheap combo to gain access to Dual Wield traits. Somehow annoying to get given its not often used by Formors. Localization Sugested: From Dvucca Isle Staging Point, head west where there are a lot of Ephramadian Shade so you can start hunting. Just have pacience as those mobs uses a lot of others moves.
  • Curing Spells: At this point, we need some tools to recover our HP during the fight. BLU has a selection of curing spells that mirror the ranking cure spells of a WHM, moving to weak cures to more potent but also more costful. They are: Pollen  —  Healing Breeze  —  Wild Carrot  —  Magic Fruit  —  Plenilune Embrace —  Restoral. For most situations, Magic Fruit, the Cure IV similar, is a good compromise of cost/benefit. Used by Opo-opo. Localization Sugested: Abyssea - La Theine (L-7). Closest Conflux is #7 but dont go straight to that camp. Head first to (G-7) so you can get the higher plaetau then move to the camp.
  • Carcharian Verve: Very strong and long duration Aquaveil effect. Just used under Unbridled Learning or Wisdom, that cool given its like over 10 minutes duration. There are also some magic attack buff but its pretty short and not the main goal here. Learning this spell gonna take a long time in general, compared to other spells. Thats because just 2 NMs can use it: Tchakka and Dakuwaqa. The first one is the NM boss from Foret de Hennetiel Wildskeeper Reive. That means he has a massive pool of HP (probably over 1 million) what means each kill gonna take considerably longer than other spells. Not just that, but it has a longer respawn, 2h normally (15 minutes during WK campaign) plus requires to purchase a KI (cost varying from 30k to 7500 depending on your RoV progress). Aside all those cons, its usually the easiest place if you have enough patience. Dakuwaqa though, its a Delve boss. While it has less HP and theoretically no cooldown time like Tchakka, its an instanciated content so that you gonna need at least other 2 real player to enter. There is also a pop cost, while not too expensive, sometimes there can be some shortage so you gonna need to farm the pop by yourself, whats annoying drop rate. Then there is the content itself, where you gonna need walk around a Cirdas Caverns map while fighting 5 NMs plus all adds. Personally i think Delve route to be more annoying than just waiting WK respawn, but if you have more two BLUs friends, its a good route to go. You can also earn more money related items on Delve so this is another pro.
  • Subduction: Thats a quite convenient one to get. AoE moderate wind based dmg, while its description dont seems anything special, its very short recast 5s and cast 0.5s plus low MP cost, 27 MP, makes this spell basically spammable. The added effect is very convenient too, as its a very potent gravity effect, meaning you can even spam subduction and kite safely given the mob gonna move pretty slow toward you. Its a good way to cheese an oponent. In fact, just the gravity effect could be considered relevant by itself, as there was few fights you could use it to you own benefit (like Frog Ambuscade, check the videos about this if you want, prety cool strategy imo). Personally, i like this spell to cleanup the mobs that survived after some more potent AoE dmg while cleaving. If there are that couple of mobs with ~5%, most of time Subduction gonna take care of it. And finally, and very important too, the Magic Bonus trait given. By itself it will add a tier on this trait (as it has 8 trait points alone), so its useful in any way you see it. Maybe only downside is its 6 Blue Magic points costs to set it up, but totally worth imo. Recomended Locations: Using Waypoint to Cirdas Cavern skirmish entrance, at (K-5) you can find 2 Maroliths. Good thing about this camp is their relatively lower lv. You can find more Maroliths on Cirdas Caverns map 2 but those are a lot more stronger. Subduction itself isnt entirely rare to be used but they tend to use other moves a bit more frequently. Probably gonna take a couple of minutes to get this, but nothing to stress over.
  • Nature's Meditation: Its a good spell for hard fights where you need to melee. In hard fights you can always use extra accuracy and attack, and this spell provides both: an entire trait lv on Accuracy Bonus plus 1m30s of +20% attack. This spell is used by chapulis, and there is a lot of them everywhere. I would sugest doing it in Yahse Hunting Grounds or Ceizak Battlegrounds given how they are weaker than Reisenjima ones, for example. Plus, there is a lot of quests and missions there so you can save some trip and kill two birds with a stone. So, I sugest doing To Catch a Predator together with this spell hunting, or Research: Ceizak Battlegrounds as both requires you to fight Chapulis, and eventually a lot of them.
  • Dream Flower: Another little gem, this one provides half points for another tier on Magic Attack Bonus trait while also gives you access to Sleepga-type spell (so dark based), 15' around the caster and a nice duration of 1m30s. Those feats spells like a cleaving tool, and a good one at that, worth to add it when cleaving and actually for any situation as there is a lot of situations where you are on crowd control duty, and thats even more likely to happen on those strict lowman fights where the BLU need to do basically everything. This spells is used by Mandragoras, and they are abundant everywhere. Any place is good enough for them.
  • Empty Thrash: