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The nickname WashuOtaku means Washu Geek or Fanatic. This player has had a long fascination with Washu Hakubi, from the Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki anime series; developing a popular Washu shrine and obsessing about the red-headed goddess. It hurt his heart though that he could not name his first character Washu since it was taken when he started playing Final Fantasy XI.

WashuOtaku has two characters, Tenchi and Haruko, that are both on the same Quetzalcoatl server. He has real life friends that also play FFXI, but will not (for some reason) join his server.

WashuOtaku joined FFXIclopedia because he wanted to help add new information, just like everyone else that joined. Also, he felt that because he had an account also on Wikipedia, he could infuse some of the tools they use into FFXIclopedia. This was mistake though since it pissed the FFXIclopedia Admins. However, he eventually got into their good graces and continues to this day to make minor updates in on various pages throughout the FFXIclopedia universe.


There can be no second chance when kung-fu is used for evil!


This character is a Hume.
This character is a Citizen of Windurst Rank 10
Corsair pic01 This character is a level 75 Corsair.
Rdmsmall This character is a level 75 Red Mage.
Whmsmall This character is a level 75 White Mage.
This character is a level 98+2 Chef.
This character is a level 60 Alchemist.
This character has completed the Rise of the Zilart Missions and chose the Suppanomimi from the Divine Might Quest.
This character has completed the Chains of Promathia Missions and chose the Tamas Ring .
This character has completed the Treasures of Aht Urhgan Missions and chose the Jalzahn's Ring .

History of the Character's Name:
Full name is Tenchi Masaki, the main character in the anime series: Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki. It's a story of a boy and the alien women that love him. The series has spawn several spin-offs and is still fairly popular to this day since its debut in 1992.

Literal translation of 'Tenchi' means 'Heaven and Earth'.

Character's Role:
Tenchi is my main character. All missions, quests, jobs, and everything else in between is on this character. When chatting with others in Friend's List or Linkshell, "Tenchi" is the name they refer me as.

Main Jobs:

Links of Interest:

I'm not an overly big crafter, just every once in a while I get into it. Mostly I see it as a time killer, because it takes such a long time to gather all the ingredients. My strongest craft is Cooking, followed by Alchemy; both of which have low profit margins or none at all.

Ffxi gld 06 Cooking 98+2
Ffxi gld 09 Alchemy 60
Ffxi gld 08 Woodworking 39
Ffxi gld 04 Smithing 23
Ffxi gld 02 Bonecraft 8
Ffxi gld 03 Clothcraft 8
Ffxi gld 05 Goldsmithing 3
Ffxi gld 07 Leathercraft 2
Ffxi gld 01 Fishing 0

Here are my crafting key items and crafting bonus items:

Job Breakdown

Here is a nice progress chart of all my jobs. Yep, I'm no where near getting Maat's Cap.

Job Level Progress Percent
 Warrior 40
 Monk 10
 White Mage 75
 Black Mage 40
 Red Mage 75
 Thief 20
 Paladin 8
 Dark Knight 40
 Beastmaster 16
 Bard 8
 Ranger 10
 Samurai 1
 Ninja 50
 Dragoon 8
 Summoner 40
 Blue Mage 4
 Corsair 75
 Puppetmaster 10
 Dancer 8
 Scholar 1

Rare/Noteworthy Gear

This could also be considered the trophy room; because it doesn't matter how much gil you have, but what kind of gear you have. Granted, more gil helps too.

Artifact +1 Gear

Healerscapplus1 Healer's Briault +1 Healer's Mitts +1 Healer's Pantaloons +1 Healer's Duckbills +1

Warlock's Chapeau Plus1 Warlock's Tabard +1 WarlocksGlovesPlus1 Warlock's Tights +1 WarlocksBootsPlus1

Relic Gear

ClericsCap ClericsBriault ClericsMitts Cleric's Pantaloons ClericsDuckbills

Duelist's Gloves Duelist's Tights Duelist's Boots

Sky Gods

Zenith Crown Zenith-mitts Zenith Slacks

Crimson greaves GenbusShield Kirin's Pole


Nashira Turban NashiraManteel NashiraSeraweels

Loquacious earring

Other Notable Gear

CeriseDoublet GlamorJupon NimbusDoublet Nokizaru Gi Pahluwan Khazagand Carbunclemitts

Magnetic Earring Suppanomimi Jalzahn's Ring LuzafsRing TamasRing Hornetneedle


Red Mage

  • 5/5 Ice Magic Accuracy
  • 3/5 Wind Magic Accuracy
  • 1/5 Earth Magic Accuracy
  • 1/5 Lightning Magic Accuracy

  • 2/3 Dia III
  • 1/3 Slow II
  • 2/3 Paralyze II
  • 1/3 Phalanx II

White Mage

  • 3/5 Cure Cast Time
  • 5/5 Bar Spell Effect
  • 2/5 Banish Effect

  • 1/3 Martyr
  • 3/3 Devotion
  • 1/3 Protectra V
  • 1/3 Shellra V


  • 2/5 Quick Draw Recast
  • 2/5 Quick Draw Accuracy
  • 2/5 Bust Duration

  • 1/3 Snake Eye
  • 1/3 Fold
  • 3/3 Winning Streak
  • 1/3 Loaded Deck


  • 3/8 Max HP
  • 5/8 Max MP


  • 1/5 Strength

Combat Skills

  • 8/8 Marksmanship Skill
  • 4/4 Evasion Skill

Magic Skills

  • 4/8 Enhancing Magic Skill
  • 8/8 Enfeebling Magic Skill
  • 4/8 Elemental Magic Skill


  • 4/4 Critical Hit Rate
  • 2/4 Spell Interruption Rate

Assault Checklist

Not a big Assault player, which is why I'm only ranked Superior Private in "Salaheem's Sentinels."


Rank Leujaoam Sanctum Mamool Ja Training Grounds Lebros Cavern Periqia Ilrusi Atoll
PSC CheckCheck Leujaoam Cleansing CheckCheck Imperial Agent Rescue CheckCheck Excavation Duty CheckCheck Seagull Grounded CheckCheck Golden Salvage
PFC XEks Orichalcum Survey CheckCheck Preemptive Strike XEks Lebros Supplies XEks Requiem CheckCheck Lamia No.13
SP XEks Escort Professor Chanoix XEks Sagelord Elimination CheckCheck Troll Fugitives CheckCheck Saving Private Ryaaf XEks Extermination
LC XEks Shanarha Grass Conservation XEks Breaking Morale XEks Evade and Escape XEks Shooting Down the Baron XEks Demolition Duty
C XEks Counting Sheep XEks The Double Agent XEks Siegemaster Assassination XEks Building Bridges XEks Searat Salvation
S XEks Supplies Recovery XEks Imperial Treasure Retrieval XEks Apkallu Breeding XEks Stop the Bloodshed XEks Apkallu Seizure
SM XEks Azure Experiments XEks Blitzkrieg XEks Wamoura Farm Raid XEks Defuse the Threat XEks Lost and Found
CS XEks Imperial Code XEks Marids in the Mist XEks Egg Conservation XEks Operation: Snake Eyes XEks Deserter
SL XEks Red Versus Blue XEks Azure Ailments XEks Operation: Black Pearl XEks Wake the Puppet XEks Desperately Seeking Cephalopods
FL XEks Bloody Rondo XEks The Susanoo Shuffle XEks Better Than One XEks The Price is Right XEks Bellerophon's Bliss


This character is a Mithra.
This character is a Citizen of San d'Oria Rank 2

History of the Character's Name:
Full name is Haruko Haruhara; she is the main female character from the anime series FLCL. In the series, she is a pink-haired space alien from outer-space who rides a Vespa and wields a blue, left handed Rickenbacker bass guitar model 4001 (similar to the one used by Paul McCartney).

Character's Role:
Though she has some level, she is considered a mule to my main character. Used mostly to sell stuff on the Auction House and store items.

Main Job:

Links of Interest:

Job Breakdown

Here is Haruko's progress... which isn't much.

Job Level Progress Percent
 Warrior 20
 Monk 15
 White Mage 1
 Black Mage 1
 Red Mage 1
 Thief 10

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