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| Charged Whisker = Complete
| Charged Whisker = Complete
| Winds of Promyvion = Complete
| Winds of Promyvion = Complete
| Delta Thrust =
| Delta Thrust = Complete
| Everyone's Grudge = Complete
| Everyone's Grudge = Complete
| Reaving Wind =
| Reaving Wind =

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White Magic

Black Magic

Blue Magic




Corsair Dies

Puppetmaster Attachments


Fire Attachments Ice Attachments Wind Attachments Earth Attachments
XEks Tension Spring XEks Loudspeaker XEks Accelerator XEks Armor Plate
XEks Tension Spring II XEks Loudspeaker II XEks Accelerator II XEks Armor Plate II
XEks Inhibitor XEks Mana Booster XEks Scope XEks Shock Absorber
XEks Strobe XEks Scanner XEks Pattern Reader XEks Analyzer
XEks Attuner XEks Tactical Processor XEks Drum Magazine XEks Equalizer
XEks Reactive Shield XEks Tranquilizer XEks Turbo Charger XEks Schurzen
XEks Flame Holder XEks Ice Maker XEks Replicator XEks Hammermill
XEks Heat Capacitor XEks Power Cooler XEks Barrage Turbine XEks Barrier Module
Thunder Attachments Water Attachments Light Attachments Dark Attachments
XEks Stabilizer XEks Mana Jammer XEks Auto-Repair Kit XEks Mana Tank
XEks Stabilizer II XEks Mana Jammer II XEks Auto-Repair Kit II XEks Mana Tank II
XEks Volt Gun XEks Stealth Screen XEks Damage Gauge XEks Mana Conserver
XEks Heat Seeker XEks Heatsink XEks Flashbulb XEks Mana Converter
XEks Target Marker XEks Mana Channeler XEks Eraser XEks Smoke Screen
XEks Coiler XEks Steam Jacket XEks Optic Fiber XEks Economizer
XEks Dynamo XEks Condenser XEks Vivi-Valve XEks Disruptor
XEks Galvanizer XEks Percolator

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