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(formerly known as Zoogelio... until he forgot his password).

Written by: Zoogelio-forgot-his-password, in 3rd person (AKA the Bob Dole manner of speaking)


Zoogelio-forgot-his-password is an Old School gamer who has been playing video games since the 8-bit days (not too much recently due to being busy). He was around when the NES was *new* and Little Goombas and flying Metroids were cutting-edge graphics. He has been a fan of the FF series since the very first one came out way back in 1990 and has played almost every Square game released in the 1990s. He has played the original versions of FF1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 (some on emulator due to the lack of a NA release) and is very familiar with the Job system and how it evolved.

He was interested in mythology since in early age, primarily due to his elementary school library forcing students to check out or renew a book every week. Most of the books in the library were boring and not interesting in the least, but the books on Greek/Roman and Norse mythology were very interesting. He later read up on Egyptian mythology, Native American mythology, and so on and so on, so is extremely well-versed. This explains his specialization in adding the historical background of each monster. Usually by looking at the name of a monster, he can narrow it down to what region of the world it comes from mythologically.

Server: None


Job: None, but FFIII's Scholar suits his role on the FFXI wiki.

If he chose the Job closest to his personality, it would probably be RDM or BST or maybe BLU, depending on how it plays.

When FFXI came out, he considered playing due to his FF background, but decided against it due to his school's extremely crappy internet access (on campus, we called it the intermit-net and the joke around campus was the campus servers were a bunch of 19th century cash registers and boxes full of punch cards, with monkeys scrambling around, pulling punch cards in and out all over the place). The campus has since decided to join the late 20th century (even though it's now the 21st century) and has mastered the art of providing a continuous internet service. Since mid-2005, he has been at places with reliable internet connections, but alas, he has been too busy, with internships, being a grad student, teaching assistant, etc.

He has been browsing FFXI forums since early 2003, saving screenshots, copy-pasting text from forums and the like. As a result, he has an extensive (albeit unorganized) archive of FFXI information dating back to early 2003 for most and some info from late 2002 even. He has done this, in part, because he likes to contribute and be of help, even if from the periphery. He followed the posts of the players on the frontier of Vana'diel, both when Sea was a great mystery to even the most well-informed and even when Sky was not even known to exist by many players. He only provides input when he is certain he knows the answer and tends to stay out of the arguments and infighting that come when one Job tries to fend its turf from another Job or claim superiority over "the gimped Jobs". He archived *many* screenshots because he is aware of the ultimately temporal nature of Vana'diel and wanted to archive it while it was around so it may be preserved for posterity and not fall into the void of Emptiness (though that "apocalypse" won't be caused by Promathia, it would be caused by SE shutting down the servers in 201X or so). The FFXI Wiki has been the perfect venue for him to offer the information he has accumulated. He hopes to add the history of the changes to each Job in terms of how they played (e.g. SMN before and after April 2004), when each area and game aspect (e.g. Ballista, BCNMs, etc) were added and when Job Abilities, monsters, etc were added... and even removed, but that would only be when he figures out a complementary format to the pages already created at the FFXI Wiki.

He believes all Jobs were created equal and should not be judged by the color of their AF hat, but by the merit of their Job design. He thinks Square-Enix designed the Job system intending that each Job has its own role and specialty and "there's a place in Vana'diel for every Job". He looks at the Job system in terms of niches, one Job specializes in one thing, creating its own niche in the community that is Vana'diel. Jobs suffer when one Job becomes overpowered and starts to perform the role of other Jobs, eliminating their niche; the result is SE nerfs that Job to protect the niches of the Jobs that were intruded on. He is familiar with every nerf and refinement/improvement, from the Yokodama nerf in Dec 2003, to the recent "changes" to BST and DRG in Dec 2005. He is also interested in rare or obscure things, such as why 5 BST pets sit unused in the files, why a few monsters and zones remain unactivated in the files, and what jobs the Mission NPCs have.

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