This user plays on the Caitsith Server.

FFXI Characters

Current Characters on Caitsith World

I'm solely on Caitsith these days, as a member, organizer, and erstwhile forum moderator for the Ubiquitous Dirge Linkshell.

Em1b Larghaut San d'Orian Elvaan male (1A) BLM59 RDM57 DRK46 COR40 THF30 SAM27 BRD25 DRG20 WAR20 BLU10 SMN05
Hf8a Marghaux Bastokan Hume female (8A) WHM36 PLD31 MNK20 BLM20 WAR19 RDM08
M1b Khargoh Windurstian Mithra female (1B) (merchant mule)
Tm8a Burdenturden Windurstian Taru male (8a) (equipment storage mule)

Former Characters on Bismarck World

I still have a warm spot in my heart for my old friends in the LordsOfVanadiel linkshell on Bismarck, may it rest in peace.

Ef3b Feluria San d'Orian Elvaan female (3B) THF37 WAR25 RNG17 PLD05
Hf2b Zaerynn Bastokan Hume female (2B) WHM39 BLM25 BRD25 DRK20 WAR10

Former Characters on Garuda World

I... uh... didn't get far on Garuda, my first server.

Em7a Naphyr San d'Orian Elvaan male (7A) RDM20 BLM17
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