Characters on Caitsith World

I'm solely on Caitsith these days, as a member, organizer, and erstwhile forum moderator for the Ubiquitous Dirge Linkshell.

  • Larghaut: San d'Orian Elvaan male (1A) -- BLM59 RDM57 DRK46 COR40 THF30 BRD25 SAM23 DRG20 WAR19 BLU10 SMN05
  • Marghaux: Bastokan Hume female (8A) -- WHM36 PLD31 MNK20 BLM20 WAR19 RDM08
  • Khargoh: Windurstian Mithra female (1B) -- merchant "mule"

Former Characters on Bismarck World

I still have a warm spot in my heart for my old friends in the LordsOfVanadiel linkshell on Bismarck, may it rest in peace.

  • Feluria: San d'Orian Elvaan female (3B) -- THF37 WAR25 RNG17 PLD05
  • Zaerynn: Bastokan Hume female (2B) -- WHM39 BLM25 BRD25 DRK20 WAR10

Former Characters on Garuda World

I... uh... didn't get far on Garuda, my first server.

  • Naphyr: San d'Orian Elvaan male (7A) -- RDM20 BLM17
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