Seeing the Firefox craze has somewhat calmed down, this section is not really necessary, but for all the poisoned minds out there, I'll still leave this up here.

Firefox fails

Use a real browser instead. Nobody likes slow performance, basic HTML and CSS misinterpretation and non-portable UI except for (apparently) a bunch of nerds, and all of them acting smug about it just because they think it's the only alternative to IE, which according to their philosophy is evil. Ditch this piece of open source failure.

About me

Playing on Leviathan, I'm under the San d'Orian flag, in the social linkshell ShadowRavenloft. I started this game in February 2005, I had no friends playing this and started pretty much on my own. I was a very long time noob, strolling around on my own for almost six months, till someone came along and showed me around and introduced me to a linkshell (SinsOfEnmity) for the first time (I was in Avengerz before, although they were on the verge of disbanding when I joined, so there wasn't much going on).

I decided to level PLD for its shiny armor, which I have now obtained (for the most part). After that I gave WAR a shot (mostly to do Salvage with), but by now I consider it my main job (although PLD will always be my big love). I also levelled THF (which I love almost as much as PLD) and SMN and just got BRD up. I love playing all of them and I'm a perfectionist when it comes to gear/play style. I try to get the most out of everything I do, which is why my inventory hates me.

I like doing all sorts of group events (missions, dynamis, salvage, NMs), especially complicated ones. I like coordinating events and doing complex maneuvers to achieve good results with little personnel or weird setups. I hate the thinking that you need x BLMs, y MNKs and z SMNs to do something right. Lots of people like to think that way, but that's very short minded, I'm not out for easy wins, but rather for accomplishments.

I like helping out people a lot and if you ever need me for anything, I'll most likely do it if I have the time (which isn't too much lately, unfortunately).

For the wiki, I like to contribute to most anything, and even though massively flawed, I try to participate in the drop rate system by adding tons of personal statistics for all kinds of mobs. I'm not the wiki expert and don't know lots of the fancy editing stuff, but I try to keep information to the point and as neutral as possible. I have a great dislike for Charitwo for being an ignorant and mostly useless moderator and Kaosis for spamming wiki articles with his useless videos of him killing Too Weak mobs.

As of recently, I've been promoted to the rank of FFXIclopedia vandalizer by the awesomeness that is Charitwo. Not really sure what I did to deserve it, but I'll try to live up to the expectations. /hurray


Character Type Location
Arcon main -
Arcana boss mule Jeuno
Arlana mule San d'Oria
Arsanna mule Bastok
Ardana mule Windurst


Goals Current status
Levels (pre-Abyssea)
Paladin 75 2008-06-16
Warrior 75 2009-05-16
Thief 75 2009-09-24
Black Mage 75 60
Summoner 75 2010-07-xx
Scholar 75 56
Ninja 49 48
Dancer 49 42
Red Mage 49 46
Samurai 50 2010-06-xx
Monk 37 2009-06-19
Levels (post-Abyssea)
Paladin 85 2010-09-19
Warrior 85 2010-09-17
Thief 85 83
Summoner 85 2010-10-15
Bard 85 2010-10-21
San d'Oria Rank 10 2008-09-07
Bastok Rank 10 2009-11-12
Windurst Rank 10 2009-06-26
Rise of the Zilart 2009-05-06
Chains of Promathia 2009-05-06
Treasures of Aht Urhgan 2010-03-27
Wings of the Goddess 38: Adieu, Lilisette
A Crystalline Prophecy 2009-04-24
A Moogle Kupo d'Etat 1: A Moogle Kupo d'Etat
A Shantotto Ascension 2010-10-10
Quests and Misc.
Assault: Captain 2010-03-27
Nyzul Isle: Floor 100 2010-02-xx
Inventory quests 2009-05-08
Magical Maps 85/86
Fishing 100 31.0
Woodworking 100 45.0
Alchemy 60 29.0
Cooking 60 11.0
Armor sets
Valor Armor Set 2009-06-03
Warrior's Armor Set 2009-05-10
Iron Ram Hauberk Set 2009-09-26
Lu Shang's Fishing Rod 2008-01-27
Ebisu Fishing Rod Saber Shoot
Opal Silk
Peacock Amulet 2009-08-12
Trotter Boots 2009-08-07
Spelunker's Hat 2009-08-13
Velocious Belt 2010-04-14
Assassin's Armlets 2010-07-xx
Creed Collar 2010-09-xx
Defending Ring 0/0
Aegis Stage 1
Burtgang 0/30,000 (0%)
Bravura Stage 1
Mandau Stage 1
Nirvana 0/30,000 (0%)
Gjallarhorn Stage 1
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