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{{This time traveler enjoys revisiting the Crystal War to help the Allied Forces of Altana in Campaign Battle.}}

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Who is Zackan

I am Zackan, from Bismark. I have recently gotten into Dynamis and completed my first, Buburimu!

I am social and help people with missions. I am always willing to help, just ask!

My Time in FFXI

Back in May 2003 about 1 month before I got deployed to Iraq when the war started, I installed the game and played it. After I got deployed the progress I made in the game had been erased because I hadn't maintained the game. It was only 1 month so it wasnt a big deal. Well, I then got deployed to Kuwait with a Transportation Company served a year going back from Kuwait and Iraq on supply deliveries. I got finished in July 2004, where I then did about 6 months of Active Duty-Special Work. Upon finishing this I got a chance to go to Washington and do some work for about 2 more months. By time I had done all this, It was my 21st birthday. I then got an inheritance from my dad(about 30k). At this point I went home and moved in with my friend. The problem was I was being lazy and didn't have a job. But this is when I picked up FFXI again. The money lasted me about a year before it ran out and I had to go back to work at Pizza hut. While in the game I have my main character Zackan. I then have 4 mules, and one more I created for this weird static thing we attempted with 6 people in the same room. We got to about level 10 before it died.

Well back when I started gil sellers were not set up like they are now. We had to shout for all our help, and seeing people in AF was a sight to behold, and Relic was an extreme rarity.

I started with black mage took it to level 18, I shouted for help with the Sub Job items and then picked up red mage and kept bouncing back and forth. I took Red mage to 20, took Black mage to 40, I then took Red mage to 25, took black to 50, Started doing the Genkais, and switched back to redmage to Cap it at 37.

Somewhere around this time I was able to get Black Mage to level 70, It took me about 3 tries to beat Maat.

I then got called up to get deployed to Kuwait a second time. About 5 months later I go home for my 2 weeks R&R I play my account to keep it alive and I get him to 75. For some reason about 3 days after this, I find that my password was changed, I called Playonline and I didn't have my reg code so they couldn't help. I have called from here in Kuwait and managed to get my password changed only to find out my character had been stripped. From the Warning playonline gave it was probably due to someone stealing my password by me using a Windower.

Well now I am back in the game, not quite full time, that will wait 1 more month until I am back home in California and have access to all the tools and am in the proper time zone to work effectively.

But alas, I have made a bad name for myself by noobishly asking for an equipment guide when I should have done research on my own,

Also, I copy+paste Toxitarus user profile, and the first two days I was editing it and people looked at it when I hadn't finished it.

Well now hopefully it doesn't appear to be a ripoff, My apologies ToxicTaru.

Job Levels

I am fairly one minded, I got BLM to level 75 and stopped leveling, I recently decided to get Bard to 75 for the purpose of helping with missions.

White Mage 50%% Lv37
Black Mage 100% Lv75
Red Mage 50% Lv37
Summoner 40% Lv30
Bard 80% Lv63

Mission Status

I am completely finished with all 3 nations, Chains of Promathia, Treasures of Aht Urghan, Zilart, and working on Wings of the Goddess as they get released

Windurst: Rank 10
San d'Oria: Rank 10
Bastok: Bastok Mission 10
Rise of the Zilart: 17
Chains of Promathia: 8-3
Treasures of Aht Urhgan: [[Aht Urhgan Mission 48:|
Wings of the Goddess: 3


I focus on Goldsmithing and I fish here and there. Goldsmithing is expensive and I haven't been able to level it in over a year.

Goldsmithing 68.0 Artisan
Cooking 14.0 Recruit
Fishing 8.0 Amateur

Gods and HNMs

Bigger stuff I've killed:

Gods: Kirin
HNMs: Adamantoise


I like quests, this is what I've done.

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