General Information
This user plays on the Sylph Server.
Germany-Flag This user plays from Germany.
Calendar This user has been playing FFXI since April 2005.
060609 1 This member is a Linkshell Community Beta user.
This character is a Tarutaru.
This character is a Citizen of Windurst Rank 10
This character has completed Zilart Mission 18 .
This character has completed CoP Mission 8-5 .
This character has completed Treasures of Aht Urhgan Mission 48 .
This character is a SL rank Mercenary of Aht Urhgan
Goblin Replica Small This user has won 9 of the 10 Dynamis zones.
Yuuzuki's Favorite Jobs
Whmsmall This character is a level 90 White Mage.
Brdsmall This character is a level 90 Bard.
Puppetmaster This character is a level 90 Puppetmaster.
Job st img01 This character is a level 90 Warrior.
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