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About the Character

Yokuku and TARDIS forming a party

Not much is known about Yokuku's early years. Raised in San d'Oria by a modest elvaan carpenter, Yokuku kept to herself for most of her early years, mostly due to the environment in San d'Oria that discourages foreigners. Even though according to San d'Oria records she was born and raised in the city, being a Tarutaru she received considerable discouragement from roaming about. It wasn't until later in life that she begin to think about adventuring.

Yokuku has always enjoyed travel first, and adventuring second. Only as she started to see the world did she begin to learn and pick up on her inherent power of magic. Always wanting to help out and do good, she picked up quickly on white magic, although she also studied black and summoning magics to expand areas she could travel to, as well as helping out friends in a bind. While Yokuku enjoys improving her skills, she considers herself more of a traveling scholar. Yokuku's greater interest is in increasing her first-hand knowledge of Vana'diel than trying to "push to the next level", as most adventures put it.

Because of her upbringing, she never picked up much Tarutaru speak. Yokuku holds mixed feelings for home. Although well travelled and well respected by the San d'Orian royal family, she still receives mixed treatment by most San d'Orian elvaans. Earlier in life she would go out of her way to help her country. With few friends and no remaining family in San d'Oria, Yokuku has fewer ties to her hometown, except for her permanent apartment in the city. As of late, Yokuku would never think to betray the kingdom, but she won't go out of her way to help it either in it's random political endeavors. Being a Tarutaru, Yokuku holds strong feelings for Windurst, and frequently visits there. A home away from home, she feels much more at ease with her fellow Tarutarus, and will frequently seek them out in travels, keeping in touch with them whenever possible. She helps spread linkpearls to other Tarutarus to keep in touch and find out more about lands she has yet to visit, and to offer a helping hand to other Tarutarus in need.

Although discouraged from her upbringing to even consider a fighting path, she still aspires in such things so she can go to even farther reaches in Vana'diel, and hopes to one day use her knowledge in white magic to help her on a path to be a Paladin.

About the Player

It's a game, you don't need to know about me in real life! Okay, okay, I'm about to turn 30 (so old!) :-P, and I currently work for a computer company you've heard of before. I get to travel a lot, which means my time on FFXI can be a bit sporadic. Also because of this, I tend to bounce around all the platforms, with Xbox at home, PC (actually, a MacBook Pro) on the road, and a PS2 (my original platform) on extended trips. Currently trying to learn Japanese with some work friends of mine so we can do a transfer to one of the Japan offices in a few years (it's a beautiful country, with a lot more to offer besides FF!)