Male This user is male.
Bdaycakeicon This user celebrates his or her birthday on June 3rd.
This user is a Tarutaru.
Blmsmall This user is a level 80 Black Mage.
Rdmsmall This user is a level 41 Red Mage.
This user is a Citizen of Windurst
Rank 6
This user has completed Zilart Mission 15.
This character has completed CoP Mission 8-2.
Item This user never leaves the Mog House without his/her Aquilo's Staff.
Pearl ss This user is a proud member of the linkshell PewPewLazerz.
Darkempty This user enjoys Promyvion.
Title This user's favorite Title is "Roc Star."
Besiege 02 This user is often defeated while protecting the Astral Candescence by playing Besieged.
This user plays on the Leviathan Server.
USAFlag This user plays from the United States.
PCimage2 This user plays mostly on a personal computer.


Rise of the Zilart: ZM5, Headstone Pilgrimage
Chains of Promathia: PM3-5, Darkness Named
Treasures of Aht Urhgan: AUM12, Royal Puppeteer

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