About Me

Current Linkshells

  • Social: Nephilim
  • Dynamis: MegaBoss

Job Levels

Job Level Progress Percent
 Warrior 18
 Monk 1
 White Mage 90
 Black Mage 70
 Red Mage 22
 Thief 15
 Paladin 8
 Dark Knight 6
 Beastmaster 6
 Bard 14
 Ranger 8
 Samurai 6
 Ninja 38
 Dragoon 18
 Summoner 75
 Blue Mage 8
 Corsair 1
 Puppetmaster 14
 Dancer 1
 Scholar 38

In-Game Goals

I have decided that a list of goals is necessary to keep me in this game. I'll start with a couple of goals for now, and will add on to them as time progresses.

Long-Term Goals

  • Level ALL Jobs to 20+ - Use all of my newbie gear and get lots of beastman seals
  • SMN 75 - This has been my goal from the start of the game
  • NIN 75 - I've found this to be really fun, and would like to take it all the way
  • Clothcraft level 100
  • All Subcrafts level 60
  • Fishing 100
  • Dragostea: Goldsmithing 100
  • Eborijay: Woodworking 100
  • Obtain a Kraken Club - WHM pwnage. Need LOTS of BSs to get this now
  • Merit Points
  • Help at least 3 people a week with quests/items/mission/etc.

Linkshell History

Throughout my FFXI career I have been in multiple linkshells. Most of them have been social linkshells in which I grew to enjoy the company of other FFXI players. I would say my linkshell experience overall has been very pleasant, and from what I have heard about other linkshells, relatively drama-free.

I received my first linkshell when I was a level 13 newbie Red Mage with no subjob. I was in Ghelsba Outpost, taking my first venture into enemy territory, when this guy named Shoel asked me if I wanted to duo with him in a party. I didn't really know how to party, but I accepted the offer, and he tought me a bunch of things that I could do. Seeing how quickly I picked up the art of skillchaining, he quickly offered me a pearl to his linkshell, DiabloPete. I spent a lot of time in DiabloPete. It was a small linkshell, but the players in it were all very active and were spending most of their time helping others. They randomly decided to get me my Genkai 1 items around level 37. I stayed with DiabloPete just about until it died when I was about level 50 WHM.

When I was a level 16 RDM, I got the best party ever. I was in a party with Saqqara, this uber player with mad l33t skillz. We partied straight to 20 before I even got my subjob. Saqqara became one of my best FFXI friends right from the start. Around the time when my first linkshell was dying, I had heard Saqqara formed a new linkshell. One of the sackholders offered me a pearl and I gladly accepted it. I fit in well in my new home. Inferno was a low-level linkshell designed to help lower players with missions and RSE, etc. This shell was a bigger than my fist linkshell and had a different attitude. New people were always coming and going, and while people always helped each other out, the bonds between everybody weren't always as close as in my first linkshell. But all in all, I had an awesome time in this linkshell participating in fun LS events such as zone takeovers and level 1 races to Jeuno.

Inferno had a long life, although it was segmented by leadership changes. A couple times throughout Inferno's life the leadership changed due to fear of inactivity by the leader, arguments, etc. While the main pearl holders were Fyrefly followed by Silmarwen, Saqqara was always considered the main leader of the linkshell. Over time, the linkshells goals changed. As the members leveled, the linkshell evolved from a newbie linkshell nearly to an endgame LS.

Eventually, Inferno started to break down as members went to other endgame LSs. Saqqara didn't like the idea of an endgame LS and decided she liked helping out lower level members instead. So she decided to create another linkshell, and we decided to call it VanaGarden. Some of the Inferno members joined VG, and others died with Inferno. VanaGarden prospered for a long time and gained a lot of respect under Saqqara's leadership.

Around the time I got to level 65, I was asked if I wanted to join an HNM LS called Frenzy. Previously I didn't want to join any endgame LSs because I didn't want to give up my social LS. However, this linkshell was run by one of Saqqara's friends and allowed members to keep their social pearls. I thought about it, and after Saqqara joined this linkshell, I also joined it.

Sometime after I joined Frenzy, I also decided to give Dynamis a try. I applied for linkshell MegaBoss and was accepted. With over a year's time invested in the linkshell, I am currently 5/5 on AF2 and working on my relic weapon upgrade.

When Frenzy decided to do Dynamis and made it mandatory, I left Frenzy after they had given me an ultimatum to leave MegaBoss. I still continue to be friends with many people in Frenzy.

With Frenzy no longer a part of my daily FFXI life, I decided to get a new social linkshell as life in VanaGarden had quieted down a lot. So I joined Nephilim, the linkshell which MegaBoss was founded from. This is my current linkshell, and I have met a lot of great new people in it. In addition, I have recently helped organize a merger between VanaGarden and Nephilim, allowing my remaining VG friends to stay in the same linkshell as me.

FFXIclopedia Checklists

  • Quest Log - Keep my quest log up to date.
  • Mjollnir - Relic weapon upgrade progress.
  • Assault - List of complete/uncomplete Assaults.
  • Gardening - My gardening experimentation.
  • Map Log - List of maps I am currently missing
  • Empyrean - Empyrean Armor Checklist (Currently WHM-Only)
  • Relic Gear - Dynamis Gear checklist

Player Information

General Info
This character is a Tarutaru.
Male This user is male.
This user plays on the Carbuncle Server.
This character is a Citizen of San d'Oria Rank 10
This character has completed Zilart Mission 17.
This character has completed the Chains of Promathia Missions and chose the Tamas Ring.
This character is a S rank Mercenary of Aht Urhgan
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