Whmsmall This character is a level 65 White Mage.
Rdmsmall This character is a level 7 Red Mage.
Ninsmall This character is a level 15 Ninja.
Blmsmall This character is a level 36 Black Mage.
Brdsmall This character is a level 27 Bard.
Corsair pic01 This character is a level 8 Corsair.


Ffxi gld 07 Leathercraft 0
Ffxi gld 03 Clothcraft 0
Ffxi gld 09 Alchemy 61
Ffxi gld 04 Smithing 10
Ffxi gld 06 Cooking 5
Ffxi gld 01 Fishing 10
Ffxi gld 05 Goldsmithing 0
Ffxi gld 08 Woodworking 0
Ffxi gld 02 Bonecraft 0


National Rank

WindurstMissions Windurst Missions Rank 6


Tenshodoflagart1Rise of the Zilart ZM4
Prom thumbChains of Promathia CoP 3-3
AhtUrganFlagMissionsTreasure of Aht Urghan ToAU13

User Info

USAFlag This user plays from the United States.
Xbox This user plays mostly on the Xbox 360.
Calendar This user has been playing FFXI since August 2005.
This user plays on the Garuda Server.
This character is a Tarutaru.

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