Mission/Quest CheckCheckorXEks Type*Bastok [S] San d'Oria [S] Windurst [S] Reward
Mission 1 CheckCheckCutsceneCavernous Maws Access to Crystal War areas
Mission 2 CheckCheckQuestBack to the Beginning Ability to participate in Campaign
Quest 1 CheckCheck Quest CheckCheckThe Fighting Fourth CheckCheckSteamed Rams CheckCheckSnake on the Plains Bronze Ribbon of Service, Sprinter's Shoes
Quest 2 CheckCheck QuestCheckCheckBetter Part of Valor CheckCheckGifts of the Griffon CheckCheckThe Tigress Stirs 10,000 gil, Deathstone, Hi-Elixir
Quest 3 CheckCheck VariesCheckCheckFires of Discontent CheckCheckClaws of the Griffon (NM) CheckCheckThe Tigress Strikes (NM) 10,000 gil, Angelstone, Star Globe
Mission 3 CheckCheckCutsceneCait Sith
Quest 4 CheckCheck Varies CheckCheckLight in the Darkness (Battlefield) CheckCheckBoy and the Beast CheckCheckKnot Quite There Adaman Ingot, Carbon Fishing Rod, Platinum Beastcoin
Quest 5 CheckCheck Varies CheckCheckBurden of Suspicion CheckCheckWrath of the Griffon (NM) CheckCheckA Manifest Problem (Battlefield) Elixir, Military Scrip, Mihgo Mithkabob
Mission 4 CheckCheck Cutscene The Queen of the Dance
Mission 5 CheckCheck Cutscene While the Cat is Away
Mission 6 CheckCheck Cutscene A Timeswept Butterfly
Mission 7 CheckCheck Fight Purple, The New Black
Quest 6 CheckCheck QuestCheckCheckStorm on the Horizon CheckCheckPerils of the Griffon CheckCheckWhen One Man Is Not Enough Icarus Wing, Elixir, Red Rose x 12
Quest 7 CheckCheck Battlefield XEksFire in the Hole (Battlefield)CheckCheckIn a Haze of Glory (Battlefield)CheckCheckA Feast for Gnats (Battlefield) Republican Silver Medal, Fullmetal Bullet, Ruby
Mission 8 CheckCheck Cutscene In the Name of the Father
Mission 9 CheckCheck Quest Dancers in Distress
Mission 10 CheckCheck Fight Daughter of a Knight
Mission 11 CheckCheck Cutscene A Spoonful of Sugar
Mission 12 CheckCheck Cutscene Affairs of State
Mission 13 CheckCheck Cutscene Borne by the Wind
Mission 14 CheckCheck Fight A Nation on the Brink Jeunoan Flag
Mission 15 CheckCheck Cutscene Crossroads of Time
Quest 8 CheckCheck Varies XEksQuelling the Storm CheckCheckThe Price of Valor (Fight)CheckCheckThe Long March North (Fight) Goblin Belt, Peiste Skin, Stellar Earring
Quest 9 CheckCheck Varies XEksHonor Under Fire (Battlefield) XEksBonds That Never Die (Battlefield) CheckCheckThe Forbidden Path Elixir Tank, Behemoth Horn, Potion (depends on Job)
Mission 16 CheckCheck Cutscene Sandswept Memories
Mission 17 CheckCheck Cutscene Northland Exposure
Mission 18 CheckCheck Quest Traitor in the Midst
Mission 19 XEks Fight Betrayal at Beaucedine
Mission 20 XEks Cutscene On Thin Ice
Mission 21 XEks Quest Proof of Valor Varies (on number of signatures) Nothing, Oxblood Orb , Foulard, Angel Skin Orb, Orichalcum Ingot, Molybdenum Ingot
Mission 22 XEks Cutscene A Sanguinary Prelude
Mission 23 XEks Fight Dungeons and Dancers
Mission 24 XEks Fight Distorter of Time
Mission 25 XEks Cutscene The Will of the World
Mission 26 XEks ? Fate in Haze
Quest 10 XEks Varies Beneath the Mask (Quest) Songbirds in a Snowstorm (Fight) Sins of the Mothers (Battlefield) Super Reraiser, Icarus Wing, Kitty Rod
Quest 11 XEks Varies What Price Loyalty (Battlefield)Blood of Heroes (Battlefield) Howl from the Heavens (Fight) Fourth Staff, Ram Staff, Cobra Staff
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