Character Information

Death This character has graduated from the Valkurm Dunes School of Hard Knocks with 20 job(s).
Mandragora This character has graduated from the Yhoator Jungle College of Hard Knocks with 16 job(s).


Job Levels

Job Level Progress Percent
 Warrior 38
 Monk 40
 White Mage 43
 Black Mage 75
 Red Mage 75
 Thief 30
 Paladin 75
 Dark Knight 37
 Beastmaster 21
 Bard 28
 Ranger 30
 Samurai 75
 Ninja 37
 Dragoon 30
 Summoner 75
 Blue Mage 33
 Corsair 24
 Puppetmaster 33
 Dancer 68
 Scholar 38

Crafting Levels

Ffxi gld 01 Ffxi gld 08 Ffxi gld 04 Ffxi gld 05 Ffxi gld 03 Ffxi gld 07 Ffxi gld 02 Ffxi gld 09 Ffxi gld 06 Synergy
4/100 60/60 33/60 50/60 4/60 14/60 60/60 60/60 18/60 14/50


Conquest Missions

Home Nations

Rank BastokMissions
San d'Oria
Rank Bar
1 CheckCheck (1-1) The Zeruhn Report

(1-2) A Geological Survey

(1-3) Fetichism

CheckCheck (1-1) Smash the Orcish Scouts

(1-2) Bat Hunt

(1-3) Save the Children

CheckCheck (1-1) The Horutoto Ruins Experiment

(1-2) The Heart of the Matter

(1-3) The Price of Peace

2 CheckCheck (2-1) The Crystal Line

(2-2) Wading Beasts

(2-3) The Emissary

CheckCheck (2-1) The Rescue Drill

(2-2) The Davoi Report

(2-3) Journey Abroad

CheckCheck (2-1) Lost for Words

(2-2) A Testing Time

(2-3) The Three Kingdoms

3 CheckCheck (3-1) The Four Musketeers

(3-2) To the Forsaken Mines

(3-3) Jeuno

CheckCheck (3-1) Infiltrate Davoi

(3-2) The Crystal Spring

(3-3) Appointment to Jeuno

CheckCheck (3-1) To Each His Own Right

(3-2) Written in the Stars

(3-3) A New Journey

4 XEks (4-1) Magicite (B) XEks (4-1) Magicite (S) XEks (4-1) Magicite (W)
5 CheckCheck (5-1) Darkness Rising

(5-2) Xarcabard, Land of Truths

CheckCheck (5-1) The Ruins of Fei'Yin

(5-2) The Shadow Lord

CheckCheck (5-1) The Final Seal

(5-2) The Shadow Awaits

6 CheckCheck (6-1) Return of the Talekeeper

(6-2) The Pirate's Cove

XEks (6-1) Leaute's Last Wishes

(6-2) Ranperre's Final Rest

CheckCheck (6-1) Full Moon Fountain

(6-2) Saintly Invitation

7 CheckCheck (7-1) The Final Image

(7-2) On My Way

XEks (7-1) Prestige of the Papsque

(7-2) The Secret Weapon

CheckCheck (7-1) The Sixth Ministry

(7-2) Awakening of the Gods

8 CheckCheck (8-1) The Chains That Bind Us

(8-2) Enter the Talekeeper

XEks (8-1) Coming of Age

(8-2) Lightbringer

CheckCheck (8-1) Vain

(8-2) The Jester who'd be King

9 CheckCheck (9-1) The Salt of the Earth

(9-2) Where Two Paths Converge

XEks (9-1) Breaking Barriers

(9-2) The Heir to the Light

CheckCheck (9-1) Doll of the Dead

(9-2) Moon Reading

Rise of the Zilart Missions

Chains of Promathia Missions

Treasures of Aht Urghan Missions

Wings of the Goddess Missions

Assault Missions


Rank Leujaoam Sanctum Mamool Ja Training Grounds Lebros Cavern Periqia Ilrusi Atoll
Points 88 Points 721 Points 5915 Points 3436 Points 3174 Points
PSC CheckCheck Leujaoam Cleansing CheckCheck Imperial Agent Rescue CheckCheck Excavation Duty CheckCheck Seagull Grounded CheckCheck Golden Salvage
PFC CheckCheck Orichalcum Survey CheckCheck Preemptive Strike CheckCheck Lebros Supplies CheckCheck Requiem CheckCheck Lamia No.13
SP XEks Escort Professor Chanoix CheckCheck Sagelord Elimination CheckCheck Troll Fugitives CheckCheck Saving Private Ryaaf CheckCheck Extermination
LC CheckCheck Shanarha Grass Conservation CheckCheck Breaking Morale CheckCheck Evade and Escape CheckCheck Shooting Down the Baron CheckCheck Demolition Duty
C CheckCheck Counting Sheep CheckCheck The Double Agent CheckCheck Siegemaster Assassination CheckCheck Building Bridges CheckCheck Searat Salvation
S CheckCheck Supplies Recovery CheckCheck Imperial Treasure Retrieval CheckCheck Apkallu Breeding CheckCheck Stop the Bloodshed CheckCheck Apkallu Seizure
SM CheckCheck Azure Experiments CheckCheck Blitzkrieg CheckCheck Wamoura Farm Raid CheckCheck Defuse the Threat CheckCheck Lost and Found
CS CheckCheck Imperial Code CheckCheck Marids in the Mist CheckCheck Egg Conservation CheckCheck Operation: Snake Eyes CheckCheck Deserter
SL CheckCheck Red Versus Blue CheckCheck Azure Ailments CheckCheck Operation: Black Pearl CheckCheck Wake the Puppet CheckCheck Desperately Seeking Cephalopods
FL CheckCheck Bloody Rondo CheckCheck The Susanoo Shuffle CheckCheck Better Than One CheckCheck The Price is Right CheckCheck Bellerophon's Bliss
  • Assault Progress: 50/50 Unique Assaults Completed for Captain Rank
  • Nyzul Isle Investigation Progress: Floor: 100 / Tokens: ~20000
  • Next Promotion: 25/25 rank points for promotion to Captain

Misc. Info

Map Checklist


Name Win
Dynamis - Bastok CheckCheck
Dynamis - San d'Oria CheckCheck
Dynamis - Windurst CheckCheck
Dynamis - Jeuno CheckCheck
Dynamis - Xarcabard CheckCheck
Dynamis - Beaucedine CheckCheck
Dynamis - Valkurm
Dynamis - Buburimu CheckCheck
Dynamis - Qufim
Dynamis - Tavnazia

Cavernous Maw Checklist

Outpost Checklist

Spells & Abilities

Puppetmaster Attachment Checklist


Fire Attachments Ice Attachments Wind Attachments Earth Attachments
CheckCheck Tension Spring CheckCheck Loudspeaker CheckCheck Accelerator CheckCheck Armor Plate
CheckCheck Tension Spring II CheckCheck Loudspeaker II CheckCheck Accelerator II CheckCheck Armor Plate II
CheckCheck Inhibitor CheckCheck Mana Booster CheckCheck Scope CheckCheck Shock Absorber
CheckCheck Strobe CheckCheck Scanner CheckCheck Pattern Reader CheckCheck Analyzer
CheckCheck Attuner CheckCheck Tactical Processor CheckCheck Drum Magazine CheckCheck Equalizer
CheckCheck Reactive Shield XEks Tranquilizer CheckCheck Turbo Charger CheckCheck Schurzen
CheckCheck Flame Holder CheckCheck Ice Maker CheckCheck Replicator CheckCheck Hammermill
XEks Heat Capacitor XEks Power Cooler XEks Barrage Turbine XEks Barrier Module
Thunder Attachments Water Attachments Light Attachments Dark Attachments
CheckCheck Stabilizer CheckCheck Mana Jammer CheckCheck Auto-Repair Kit CheckCheck Mana Tank
CheckCheck Stabilizer II CheckCheck Mana Jammer II CheckCheck Auto-Repair Kit II CheckCheck Mana Tank II
CheckCheck Volt Gun CheckCheck Stealth Screen CheckCheck Damage Gauge CheckCheck Mana Conserver
CheckCheck Heat Seeker CheckCheck Heatsink CheckCheck Flashbulb CheckCheck Mana Converter
CheckCheck Target Marker CheckCheck Mana Channeler CheckCheck Eraser CheckCheck Smoke Screen
CheckCheck Coiler CheckCheck Steam Jacket CheckCheck Optic Fiber XEks Economizer
CheckCheck Dynamo CheckCheck Condenser XEks Vivi-Valve XEks Disruptor
XEks Galvanizer XEks Percolator

Scholar Spell Checklist

Blue Magic Checklist

Maze Runes Checklist

Rune Name Obtained
Rune 001 Aquan XEks
Rune 002 Amorph XEks
Rune 003 Bird XEks
Rune 004 Beast XEks
Rune 005 Lizard XEks
Rune 006 Vermin XEks
Rune 007 Plantoid XEks
Rune 008 Undead XEks
Rune 009 Arcana XEks
Rune 010 Demon XEks
Rune 011 Dragon CheckCheck
Rune 012 Elemental CheckCheck
Rune 013 Great Warrior CheckCheck
Rune 014 Tiny Warrior XEks
Rune 015 Motion XEks
Rune 016 Stillness XEks
Rune 017 Supreme Might XEks
Rune 018 Might CheckCheck
Rune 019 Weakness XEks
Rune 020 Peon CheckCheck
Rune 021 Fire XEks
Rune 022 Ice XEks
Rune 023 Wind XEks
Rune 024 Earth XEks
Rune 025 Thunder XEks
Rune 026 Water XEks
Rune 027 Light XEks
Rune 028 Darkness XEks
Rune 029 Strength XEks
Rune 030 Dexterity XEks
Rune 031 Agility XEks
Rune 032 Vitality XEks
Rune 033 Intellect XEks
Rune 034 Mind XEks
Rune 035 Charisma XEks
Rune 036 Hardiness XEks
Rune 037 Mysticism XEks
Rune 038 Conspicuous Behavior XEks
Rune 039 Altered Aggression XEks
Rune 040 Altered Defense CheckCheck
Rune 041 Divine Magic XEks
Rune 042 Healing Magic XEks
Rune 043 Enhancing Magic XEks
Rune 044 Enfeebling Magic XEks
Rune 045 Elemental Magic XEks
Rune 046 Dark Magic XEks
Rune 047 Summoning Magic XEks
Rune 048 Ninjutsu XEks
Rune 049 Songs XEks
Rune 050 Blue Magic XEks
Rune 051 Warrior CheckCheck
Rune 052 Monk XEks
Rune 053 White Mage XEks
Rune 054 Black Mage CheckCheck
Rune 055 Red Mage XEks
Rune 056 Thief XEks
Rune 057 Paladin XEks
Rune 058 Dark Knight XEks
Rune 059 Beastmaster XEks
Rune 060 Bard XEks
Rune 061 Ranger XEks
Rune 062 Samurai XEks
Rune 063 Ninja XEks
Rune 064 Dragoon XEks
Rune 065 Summoner XEks
Rune 066 Blue Mage XEks
Rune 067 Corsair XEks
Rune 068 Puppetmaster XEks
Rune 069 Dancer XEks
Rune 070 Scholar XEks
Rune 071 Onslaught XEks
Rune 072 Protection XEks
Rune 073 Accuracy XEks
Rune 074 Evasion XEks
Rune 075 Force of Will XEks
Rune 076 Steady Mind XEks
Rune 077 Flurry of Blows XEks
Rune 078 Critical XEks
Rune 079 Rapid Strike XEks
Rune 080 Volubility XEks
Rune 081 XEks
Rune 082 Prospector XEks
Rune 083 Woodsman XEks
Rune 084 Harvester XEks
Rune 085 XEks
Rune 086 Carpenter CheckCheck
Rune 087 Smith XEks
Rune 088 Goldsmith XEks
Rune 089 Leathercrafter XEks
Rune 090 Bonecrafter XEks
Rune 091 Clothier CheckCheck
Rune 092 Alchemist CheckCheck
Rune 093 Master Chef XEks
Rune 094 Lost and Found CheckCheck
Rune 095 Swift Synthesis XEks
Rune 096 Sure Synthesis CheckCheck
Rune 097 Superior Synthesis XEks
Rune 098 Insurance Contract XEks
Rune 099 Replenishment Contract XEks
Rune 100 Trial by Velocity CheckCheck
Rune 101 Trial by Budget CheckCheck
Rune 102 Trial by Numbers CheckCheck
Rune 103 Amnesiac's Trial CheckCheck
Rune 104 Trial by Silence CheckCheck
Rune 105 XEks
Rune 106 Guidance Contract CheckCheck
Rune 107 XEks
Rune 108 Conditioning Contract XEks
Rune 109 Sustenance Contract CheckCheck
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