Story of Xeroz

Biological Father: (Bard) Traveling trader from Bastok.

Biological Mother: (Samurai) Ret. Soldier of Jeuno.

Met in Jeuno at one of the shops his father dealt with in Jeuno by chance before the Great War some odd years ago.

Was not love at first sight as you might think. He was looking for some security after being raided recently by beastmen in Pashow Marshlands. She was available for hire, being a newly retired soldier for Jeuno, looking for work, and adventure of course. So they struck a deal and set out on 1 of his many trade routes. Eventually, one evening she was wooed by his harp playing around a camp fire and they fell in love. And not long after that while in Windurst, she gave birth to me. Unfortunately, she was in bad shape after giving birth and he was needed back in Bastok asap for a major shipment of arms to Sandy. Leaving her in the care of one of his most trusted customers in Windy he set out. Only to find out after reaching Sandy, that she had passed away during his absence.

He was devastated, and eventually came to the conclusion that it would be impossible for him to raise a child on the road. So he sent a letter, asking his longtime friend to please be the child's guardian. His friend accepted, and raised the child as his and his wife's own, despite their being Taru/Mithra... as they were desperate to have a child of their own. And so, he was looked after by this couple who raised him as best they could, and even his biological father stopped in to see the child from time to time over the next few years, it was much too early in the child's life for him to remember anything more than this odd looking bearded person picking him up one time when he was busily playing hide and seek with the other children.

Not long after that the Great War began, and trade between nations came to an end. His biological father being one of the first tragedies of it while on a trade route.

When I was old enough i was deftly enrolled in the magic school of Windy, but never seemed to excel in either Black or White magic classes. So, i was taken into one of the classes for children who seemed to fall into this category, the none too popular Red Magic class. Despite excelling in this category into my teenage years, i was always drawn to using my sword more so than any of the magics i had learned, much to the disdain of the teachers... who had no idea what to do with me.

After the great war ended, and classes were allowed to travel to the other nations in order to learn what their lives/culture were like. This being thanks to the newly formed alliance between the 3 great nations, arranged in no small part by the grand duchy of Jeuno. While on that fateful trip to Bastok, I couldn't help but notice the magic casting but also GS swinging Dark Knights in training and knew i had found my calling. After graduating from the Windurst academy, with a decent Red Mage level of 52, I immediately put my skill to work to save up enough gil to travel to Bastok, and become a Dark Knight asap. This proved tougher than i had originally thought it would be. But, along with help from other Dark Knight hopefuls, we eventually figured it out and officially became Dark Knights. Wielders of Scythes and Great Swords and masters of the Dark Magics.

Having grown up among magic casters of all types yet feeling like an outcast being a Red Mage who always drew his sword when in battle. Its only natural that I was drawn to being a front line melee'er but still attracted by the ability to cast a little magic. And so to this day I have and always will be a Dark Knight at heart.

What ever happened to my mother and father? I never did ask my parents in Windurst, but i never needed to. As far as I'm concerned they loved and raised me just fine as their own. Tho i did recently find out about my mother and fathers tragic love story... Thought to be a legend among the traders of today, known only to be true among those few who knew them and survived the Great War. Yet even those i heard this from had no idea i was the child spoke of in the story who legend says became a great White Mage... Pfft, like I'd enjoy sitting around healing everyone all day and night. Tho, i did minor in the Black/White magics, reaching as high as lv 38, back at the academy. But thats just so i could teleport for money when the need arises, and to be able to warp myself home if needed while stopping at a Nomad moogle along the way in my travels. Not that they're both required for any Red Mage to attain after surpassing lv. 50... Really, it was my own choice, i swear.

Here recently I've been contemplating how good a Samurai i might become if i ever got serious at it. Tho, i hear nothing of my biological mother mentioned by any of the soldiers of Jeuno today. I doubt there were many who remember the peaceful days before the Great War. Who knows, i may just take it up as a 3rd Main job. 1st and 2nd being Drk and War.

Anyway, here in the past couple of years I've made lots of new friends and completed more and more Missions and Quests than i would have ever thought possible back at the Academy. I've attained Rank 7 in my home nation of Windurst. Competed in Sky raids, and attaining quite a few sweet items if i do say so myself, before that LS disbanded. I'd heard about the battlefield Dynamis while chatting with my friends in sky one time, and was 1 of the top 3 in points in that LS (lasted over a year), before it disbanded.

More to come soon...

Level: 76 10 38 38 52 38 7 75 1 X 1 31 37 X 1 1 X X 1 1

This user plays on the Lakshmi Server.
This character is a Hume.
Drksmall This user is a level 76 Dark Knight.
Job st img01 This user is a level 75 Warrior.
Rdmsmall This user is a level 52 Red Mage.
Whmsmall This user is a level 38 White Mage.
Blmsmall This user is a level 38 Black Mage.
Thfsmall This user is a level 38 Thief.
Ninsmall This user is a level 37 Ninja.
Samsmall This user is a level 31 Samurai.
Greatswordicon This user has a Great Sword skill of level 285.
Scytheicon This user has a Scythe skill of level 278.
Axeicon This user has an Axe skill of level 279.
Greataxeicon This user has a Great Axe skill of level 278.
Handtohandicon This user has a Hand-to-Hand skill of level 201.
Copy Image (Status Effect) This user has an Evasion skill of level 225.
Copy Image (Status Effect) This user has a Parrying skill of level 134.
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HP + 1 (+10)

MP + 1 (+10)

STR + 2

DEX + 2

INT + 1

Critical Hits + 4 (Max)

Enmity - 3

Great Sword + 8 MAX (+16 skill)

Scythe + 1 (+2 skill)

Great Axe + 1 (+2 skill)

Axe + 5 (+10 skill)

Relic Armor (Dynamis)

1st Lot: Dark Knight 5/5

2nd Lot: Warrior 5/5

Next Lot: Samurai... leveling atm.

(Free lots)

Bst 2/5, Drg 2/5, Rng 1/5, Mnk 1/5

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Rank 7.1
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This user has completed 26 of the available 101 Other Quests
This user has completed 259 of the available 829 Quests

M6a This character's Adventuring Fellow Raka Maimhov is a level 56 Fierce Attacker.

Warrior Merits:

Double attack + 4

Warrior's Charge + 1

Savagery + 2

Dark Knight Merits:

Last Resort Effect + 1

Weapon Bash + 2 (4m40sec recast)

Dark Seal + 2 (12m30sec recast)

Diabolic Eye + 4 (7m30sec recast)

Muted Soul + 2

Desperate Blows + 1

Dark Magic + 8 MAX (+16 skill)

Recent Achievements

Ares Legs: 1/3

Ares Boots: 1/3

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