I've been playing FFXI for almost 2 years and in that time, I've learned that no one seems to care about the story, but play for the party play of the game. I for one would like to know the story and why I'm doing the quests/missions to do other things then just level every job in the game. When I started the game, I liked war, and whm, it wasn't until I had leveled whm to lv.24 (SOLO BY THE WAY) I found that a war/whm is considered a ghetto PLD, but I wonder how that is, when PLD doesn't get half the spells whm has, and PLD's don't carry great axes or hand axes either.

I've got 17 of the 20 jobs in the game, and after leveling them to (not in this order)

Whm37/war37/sam37/DRAGOON30(atm)(taking to 75 now)/dnc25/thf21/pld21/mnk21/smn20/drk19/rdm18/blm18/Blu18/nin17/bst17/Brd17/rng10. Ive come to see why party is such a fun part of this game. I can and have played most jobs in party, yet soloed all to lv.15 before ever partying any job. THe game is more fun the higher your job is, but you can't solo to those hights alone, not even with war/whm war/dnc, Sam/dnc, or many others. Because it will take forever to level jobs past 20 solo, only job I did party with below 18 was blm. With Level Sync I'm now playing jobs below levels I would not have partied with before it.

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