Just an American Old School Gamer, trying to learn how to play a game that has to many level as fast as I can forget the story, players than I like. I'm trying to get an LS going that deals with the issue of Setting up a party that can play as a team from start of story to the end of story. This is not to say I want a group of first level player characters. What I want is a group of role players, that want to take their character's that one step farther into Role playing, then just gaining as many jobs and levels as you can.

If I could get just five other people who want to role play their character doing the missions, and quests as a team. I would then try setting up times for us to make a go at working the characters into a team that can do consistent exp chains while timing that perfect skill chain and magic burst.

I would also love to setup leveling parties, where we choose a job we would like to level and set a party with similarly leveled jobs that make the party work well to level up all characters in their chosen jobs at the time. In this way I'd like to have Role players that will love making the character act and even joke with their fellows in game life fashion.

This seems to be a tall order or even an impossible dream, as I've found far to many people who play this wonderful game, get bored far to easily for any type of role playing game always takes time and effort to make the character seem real to itself, much less to others.

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