I have been playing this game since june of 07. I find the updates and changes to the game, have me unable to solo as well as I use too. This might be just me, but there's so much to this game, and if you have no friends, in or out of the game, it's a long painful learning curve. This Wiki is great, but like the game, there's more to read than one man can do in a day, and half of the guides don't help me in the least. I want to just play the game, not be better than anyone else at it. I'd love to see the story line, but even if I started over, I'd never get a character half as far as my main character, Bendaire of ragnarock sever. I'd even change servers if I had someone who wanted to play the game for fun and not rush me through quests. I've gotten all 20 Jobs, and hero fame in most places, but I doubt I'd be able to redo any mission or quest without having to look it up. I've read most of the solo guides and find them useless in the fact they don't tell you what is needed, and most give criptic info on what armor you may use, and what best to get bonuses on. I've found in soloing 16 of the 20 Jobs past 30, that gear bonuses give a small boost, and as do the food, but only in Arena like battles do they count. I've soloed my War90 with every job I can, and found that leveling a job in a party sucks, when party members are more out to show how much better they are at any job, than anyone else in the party. I don't find being good at a game, all that great if you think a team set game, has an I in it. I wish to find a server for FFXI that doesn't have people only bent on being better than anyone else, and try to make people not want to play this GAME. I haven't found any true Role Players on the 2 servers I was on, and I'm talking about real role playing, like you did with AD&D with the books and dice. To truely role play a game, you're character can not know what you know, or understand anything outside the world that character is suppose to have been born in and grew up in. Because I haven't found any RPGers in this RPG, I don't think I'll look into the newset version of Final Fantasy. I've begon to loose interest in the franchize, and video games for that matter, guess at 49 you can't help but begin to grow up, and out grown, childish compitition. If anyone wants to help me get somewhere in this game, without rushing, I'll happily change servers, I've got a great back story for my main character, and I don't want to try starting all over, when I've got a hume with all 20 jobs, Drg+whm+war99/pld84/dnc82/blm+thf+rng70/sam+bst67/mnk66 lvling atm/smn+rdm+sch65/blu58/nin56/drk+cor+pup30/brd20. I like this game, but I haven't any friends who play it, hell I don't have any friends, who am I kidding. I've partied, but for the most part all my job levels were done solo to at least lv20, save my first job War, I really don't. I play for the fun of it, not to prove I'm better than anyone else.

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