I've been playing FFXI for almost 18 months now <date> and in that time, I've learned that no one seems to care about the story, but play for the party play of the game. I for one would like to know the story and why I'm doing the quests/missions to do other things then just level every job in the game. When I started the game, I liked war, and whm, it wasn't until I had leveled whm to lv.24 (SOLO BY THE WAY) I found that a war/whm is considered a ghetto PLD, but I wonder how that is, when PLD doesn't get half the spells whm has, and PLD's don't carry great axes or hand axes either.

I've got 15 of the 20 jobs in the game, only liked war and whm, even after leveling most to lv.10 or higher. I had been looking for a job I saw in a TV ad, yet didn't know it was smn until I saw Carbuncle go to the plateau. took it to lv.20 pure solo only to find I didn't have enough money to support the lv.20 avatar fights to get them. So I desided to take the last job I had, that hadn't been leveled to ten and found my true calling in the game, I really love Samurai and going to try taking it to lv.75. Then I'll have no issue getting smn going with all it's avatars.

Over the last year and a half, I've felt like quiting this game more times than I care to think about, what with RMT messing the prices up at the action house, and finding some real hateful players, and the hard to gain levels, and not really knowing how to party, plus being a slow typist, as well as having to put joystick down to type, I realize it's not the game making me feel this way, it's how some players, take help, ask for help, yet never give help in return.

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