Craft Class Level
Fishing: Recruit 06
Woodworking: Recruit 00
Smithing: Recruit 00
Goldsmithing: Recruit 00
Clothcraft: Recruit 00
Leathercraft: Recruit 00
Bonecraft: Recruit 02
Alchemy: Recruit 00
Cooking: Recruit 00

About Me

Welcome to my page, I am Vege of Quetzalcoatl. I started playing March 27th, 2008, i have played alittle before.
I'm back and doing Red Mage GOAL is to get it to 75, and then work on something else. See you around the Quetzalcoatl.


Job Links:


Mission Links:


Quest Links:

Bastok || San d'Oria || Windurst || Aht Urhgan

My Fishing Hole:


___Helpful Links: Grand-Blue.com__Titanictus.com__Kida's Database

Fishing Gear:
Halcyon Rod Composite Fishing RodFly LureSabikiRig

Fishing Outfit:
Fishermanstunica Fishermans Gloves
Fishermans hose Fishermans Boots

USAFlag This user plays from the United States.

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This user plays on the Quetzalcoatl Server.
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