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This user plays on the Ramuh Server.
Brdsmall This User is a level 75 Bard.
Bstsmall This user is a level 75 Beastmaster.
Whmsmall This user is a level 75 White Mage.
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Rank 10
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Server: Ramuh
Race: Hume F (face 3A)

Jobs: Bard 75 Beastmaster 75 White Mage 75 Warrior 75 Black Mage 75 Thief 56 Red Mage 38 Samurai 38 Summoner 38 Ninja 37 Blue Mage 37 Ranger 37 Corsair 37 Paladin 37 Dark Knight 37 Dancer 37 Scholar 37 Dragoon 33 Monk 26 Puppetmaster 1
Crafts: Cooking 100 Woodworking 16 Fishing 100
Nation: San d'Oria Rank 10, Bastok Rank 10
Rise of the Zilart: The Last Verse - Suppanomimi
Chains of Promathia: The Last Verse - Rajas Ring, Ethereal Earring
ToAU: Aht Urhgan Mission 48: Eternal Mercenary - Balrahn's Ring
Dynamis: Dynamis - Bastok, Dynamis - San d'Oria, Dynamis - Windurst, Dynamis - Jeuno, Dynamis - Beaucedine, Dynamis - Xarcabard, Dynamis - Buburimu, Dynamis - Valkurm, Dynamis - Qufim

Bard's Attire Set 6/6 Monster Armor Set 5/5 Cleric's Duckbills Warrior's Lorica Warrior's Calligae

Einherjar: Omega Ring Mark of the Einherjar
Merit Points: 356 Total

Assault: Captain Wildcat Badge, 50/50
Salvage: Skadi's Jambeaux Ares's Gauntlets Enlil's Kolluks Enlil's Brayettes
Nyzul Isle: Runic Key Goliard Trews Askar Gambieras King's Justice Mordant Rime Mystic Boon Primal Rend

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