This character is a Hume.
This user enjoys Raising Chocobos.
Darkempty.jpg This user enjoys Promyvion.
This character is a Citizen of Bastok Rank 10
This character is a Citizen of San d'Oria Rank 10
This character is a Citizen of Windurst Rank 10
This character is a PFC rank Mercenary of Aht Urhgan
This character has completed Zilart Mission 17.
This character has completed CoP Mission 8-4.
This character has completed Treasures of Aht Urhgan Mission 48.
This user plays on the Fairy Server.
UKFlag.gif This user plays from the UK.

Main Character Information

Name: Tweeky
Race: Hume
Gender: Male
Server: Fairy
Linkshell: VoodooDeathRebirth

Job Levels

Job Unlocked Level Progress Percent
 Bard (?) CheckCheck.gif 45 (goal: 75)
 Beastmaster (?) CheckCheck.gif 50 (goal: 75)
 Black Mage (?) CheckCheck.gif 50 (goal: 75)
 Blue Mage (?) CheckCheck.gif 50 (goal: 75)
 Corsair (?) CheckCheck.gif 45 (goal: 75)
 Dancer (?) CheckCheck.gif 45 (goal: 75)
 Dark Knight (?) CheckCheck.gif 50 (goal: 75)
 Dragoon (?) CheckCheck.gif 45 (goal: 75)
 Geomancer (?) XEks.gif 1
 Monk (?) CheckCheck.gif 50 (goal: 75)
 Ninja (?) CheckCheck.gif 47 (goal: 75)
 Paladin (?) CheckCheck.gif 45 (goal: 75)
 Puppetmaster (?) CheckCheck.gif 45 (goal: 75)
 Ranger (?) CheckCheck.gif 45 (goal: 75)
 Red Mage (?) CheckCheck.gif 50 (goal: 75)
 Rune Fencer (?) XEks.gif 1
 Samurai (?) CheckCheck.gif 50 (goal: 75)
 Scholar (?) CheckCheck.gif 50 (goal: 75)
 Summoner (?) CheckCheck.gif 50 (goal: 75)
 Thief (?) CheckCheck.gif 45 (goal: 75)
 Warrior (?) CheckCheck.gif 75 (goal: 75)
 White Mage (?) CheckCheck.gif 50 (goal: 75)



Corsair Dies

Puppetmaster Attachments


Fire Attachments Ice Attachments Wind Attachments Earth Attachments
CheckCheck.gif Tension Spring CheckCheck.gif Loudspeaker CheckCheck.gif Accelerator CheckCheck.gif Armor Plate
CheckCheck.gif Tension Spring II CheckCheck.gif Loudspeaker II CheckCheck.gif Accelerator II CheckCheck.gif Armor Plate II
CheckCheck.gif Inhibitor CheckCheck.gif Mana Booster CheckCheck.gif Scope CheckCheck.gif Shock Absorber
CheckCheck.gif Strobe CheckCheck.gif Scanner CheckCheck.gif Pattern Reader CheckCheck.gif Analyzer
XEks.gif Attuner XEks.gif Tactical Processor XEks.gif Drum Magazine XEks.gif Equalizer
XEks.gif Reactive Shield XEks.gif Tranquilizer XEks.gif Turbo Charger XEks.gif Schurzen
CheckCheck.gif Flame Holder CheckCheck.gif Ice Maker XEks.gif Replicator CheckCheck.gif Hammermill
XEks.gif Heat Capacitor XEks.gif Power Cooler XEks.gif Barrage Turbine XEks.gif Barrier Module
Thunder Attachments Water Attachments Light Attachments Dark Attachments
CheckCheck.gif Stabilizer CheckCheck.gif Mana Jammer CheckCheck.gif Auto-Repair Kit CheckCheck.gif Mana Tank
CheckCheck.gif Stabilizer II CheckCheck.gif Mana Jammer II CheckCheck.gif Auto-Repair Kit II CheckCheck.gif Mana Tank II
CheckCheck.gif Volt Gun CheckCheck.gif Stealth Screen CheckCheck.gif Damage Gauge CheckCheck.gif Mana Conserver
CheckCheck.gif Heat Seeker CheckCheck.gif Heatsink CheckCheck.gif Flashbulb CheckCheck.gif Mana Converter
XEks.gif Target Marker XEks.gif Mana Channeler XEks.gif Eraser CheckCheck.gif Smoke Screen
XEks.gif Coiler XEks.gif Steam Jacket XEks.gif Optic Fiber XEks.gif Economizer
XEks.gif Dynamo XEks.gif Condenser XEks.gif Vivi-Valve XEks.gif Disruptor
XEks.gif Galvanizer XEks.gif Percolator





Misc Information



Rank Leujaoam Sanctum Mamool Ja Training Grounds Lebros Cavern Periqia Ilrusi Atoll
Points 1050 Points 2983 Points 1733 Points 1255 Points 1650 Points
PSC CheckCheck.gif Leujaoam Cleansing CheckCheck.gif Imperial Agent Rescue CheckCheck.gif Excavation Duty CheckCheck.gif Seagull Grounded CheckCheck.gif Golden Salvage
PFC XEks.gif Orichalcum Survey CheckCheck.gif Preemptive Strike XEks.gif Lebros Supplies XEks.gif Requiem XEks.gif Lamia No.13
SP XEks.gif Escort Professor Chanoix XEks.gif Sagelord Elimination XEks.gif Troll Fugitives XEks.gif Saving Private Ryaaf XEks.gif Extermination
LC XEks.gif Shanarha Grass Conservation XEks.gif Breaking Morale XEks.gif Evade and Escape XEks.gif Shooting Down the Baron XEks.gif Demolition Duty
C XEks.gif Counting Sheep XEks.gif The Double Agent XEks.gif Siegemaster Assassination XEks.gif Building Bridges XEks.gif Searat Salvation
S XEks.gif Supplies Recovery XEks.gif Imperial Treasure Retrieval XEks.gif Apkallu Breeding XEks.gif Stop the Bloodshed XEks.gif Apkallu Seizure
SM XEks.gif Azure Experiments XEks.gif Blitzkrieg XEks.gif Wamoura Farm Raid XEks.gif Defuse the Threat XEks.gif Lost and Found
CS XEks.gif Imperial Code XEks.gif Marids in the Mist XEks.gif Egg Conservation XEks.gif Operation: Snake Eyes XEks.gif Deserter
SL XEks.gif Red Versus Blue XEks.gif Azure Ailments XEks.gif Operation: Black Pearl XEks.gif Wake the Puppet XEks.gif Desperately Seeking Cephalopods
FL XEks.gif Bloody Rondo XEks.gif The Susanoo Shuffle XEks.gif Better Than One XEks.gif The Price is Right XEks.gif Bellerophon's Bliss
  • Nyzul Isle Investigation Progress: Floor: 0 / Tokens: 0
  • Next Promotion: 5/25 rank points for promotion to Superior Private

Cavernous Maws


Maze Monger

Moblin Maze Mongers Checklist
Marbles Managed 377 (On Hand) + 13200 (Spent) = 13577 (Total)
Mazes Mastered lost count
Titles Taken Maze Wanderer [XEks.gif] Maze Navigator [XEks.gif] Maze Scholar [XEks.gif]
Maze Artisan [XEks.gif] Maze Overlord [XEks.gif]
Tabulas Totaled Maze Tabula M01 [CheckCheck.gif] Maze Tabula M02 [CheckCheck.gif] Maze Tabula M03 [CheckCheck.gif]
Maze Tabula R01 [XEks.gif] Maze Tabula R02 [XEks.gif] Maze Tabula R03 [XEks.gif]
Vouchers Verified Maze Voucher 01 [CheckCheck.gif] Maze Voucher 02 [CheckCheck.gif] Maze Voucher 03 [CheckCheck.gif]
Maze Voucher 04 [CheckCheck.gif] Maze Voucher 05 [XEks.gif] Maze Voucher 06 [CheckCheck.gif]
Maze Voucher 07 [CheckCheck.gif] Maze Voucher 08 [XEks.gif] Maze Voucher 09 [XEks.gif]
Runes Recorded

Maze Rune 001 [CheckCheck.gif]
Maze Rune 002 [CheckCheck.gif]
Maze Rune 003 [CheckCheck.gif]
Maze Rune 004 [CheckCheck.gif]
Maze Rune 005 [CheckCheck.gif]
Maze Rune 006 [CheckCheck.gif]
Maze Rune 007 [CheckCheck.gif]
Maze Rune 008 [CheckCheck.gif]
Maze Rune 009 [CheckCheck.gif]
Maze Rune 010 [CheckCheck.gif]

Maze Rune 011 [CheckCheck.gif]
Maze Rune 012 [CheckCheck.gif]
Maze Rune 013 [CheckCheck.gif]
Maze Rune 014 [CheckCheck.gif]
Maze Rune 015 [CheckCheck.gif]
Maze Rune 016 [CheckCheck.gif]
Maze Rune 017 [CheckCheck.gif]
Maze Rune 018 [CheckCheck.gif]
Maze Rune 019 [CheckCheck.gif]
Maze Rune 020 [CheckCheck.gif]

Maze Rune 021 [CheckCheck.gif]
Maze Rune 022 [CheckCheck.gif]
Maze Rune 023 [CheckCheck.gif]
Maze Rune 024 [CheckCheck.gif]
Maze Rune 025 [CheckCheck.gif]
Maze Rune 026 [CheckCheck.gif]
Maze Rune 027 [CheckCheck.gif]
Maze Rune 028 [CheckCheck.gif]
Maze Rune 029 [CheckCheck.gif]
Maze Rune 030 [CheckCheck.gif]

Maze Rune 031 [CheckCheck.gif]
Maze Rune 032 [CheckCheck.gif]
Maze Rune 033 [CheckCheck.gif]
Maze Rune 034 [CheckCheck.gif]
Maze Rune 035 [CheckCheck.gif]
Maze Rune 036 [CheckCheck.gif]
Maze Rune 037 [XEks.gif]
Maze Rune 038 [CheckCheck.gif]
Maze Rune 039 [CheckCheck.gif]
Maze Rune 040 [CheckCheck.gif]

Maze Rune 041 [CheckCheck.gif]
Maze Rune 042 [CheckCheck.gif]
Maze Rune 043 [CheckCheck.gif]
Maze Rune 044 [CheckCheck.gif]
Maze Rune 045 [CheckCheck.gif]
Maze Rune 046 [CheckCheck.gif]
Maze Rune 047 [XEks.gif]
Maze Rune 048 [XEks.gif]
Maze Rune 049 [XEks.gif]
Maze Rune 050 [XEks.gif]

Maze Rune 051 [CheckCheck.gif]
Maze Rune 052 [CheckCheck.gif]
Maze Rune 053 [XEks.gif]
Maze Rune 054 [CheckCheck.gif]
Maze Rune 055 [CheckCheck.gif]
Maze Rune 056 [CheckCheck.gif]
Maze Rune 057 [XEks.gif]
Maze Rune 058 [XEks.gif]
Maze Rune 059 [XEks.gif]
Maze Rune 060 [XEks.gif]

Maze Rune 061 [XEks.gif]
Maze Rune 062 [XEks.gif]
Maze Rune 063 [XEks.gif]
Maze Rune 064 [XEks.gif]
Maze Rune 065 [XEks.gif]
Maze Rune 066 [XEks.gif]
Maze Rune 067 [XEks.gif]
Maze Rune 068 [XEks.gif]
Maze Rune 069 [XEks.gif]
Maze Rune 070 [XEks.gif]

Maze Rune 071 [CheckCheck.gif]
Maze Rune 072 [CheckCheck.gif]
Maze Rune 073 [CheckCheck.gif]
Maze Rune 074 [CheckCheck.gif]
Maze Rune 075 [CheckCheck.gif]
Maze Rune 076 [CheckCheck.gif]
Maze Rune 077 [CheckCheck.gif]
Maze Rune 078 [CheckCheck.gif]
Maze Rune 079 [CheckCheck.gif]
Maze Rune 080 [CheckCheck.gif]

Maze Rune 081 [CheckCheck.gif]
Maze Rune 082 [XEks.gif]
Maze Rune 083 [XEks.gif]
Maze Rune 084 [XEks.gif]
Maze Rune 085 [XEks.gif]
Maze Rune 086 [CheckCheck.gif]
Maze Rune 087 [CheckCheck.gif]
Maze Rune 088 [CheckCheck.gif]
Maze Rune 089 [CheckCheck.gif]
Maze Rune 090 [CheckCheck.gif]

Maze Rune 091 [XEks.gif]
Maze Rune 092 [CheckCheck.gif]
Maze Rune 093 [CheckCheck.gif]
Maze Rune 094 [CheckCheck.gif]
Maze Rune 095 [CheckCheck.gif]
Maze Rune 096 [CheckCheck.gif]
Maze Rune 097 [CheckCheck.gif]
Maze Rune 098 [CheckCheck.gif]
Maze Rune 099 [CheckCheck.gif]
Maze Rune 100 [CheckCheck.gif]

Maze Rune 101 [CheckCheck.gif]
Maze Rune 102 [CheckCheck.gif]
Maze Rune 103 [CheckCheck.gif]
Maze Rune 104 [CheckCheck.gif]
Maze Rune 105 [XEks.gif]
Maze Rune 106 [CheckCheck.gif]
Maze Rune 107 [CheckCheck.gif]
Maze Rune 108 [CheckCheck.gif]
Maze Rune 109 [CheckCheck.gif]
Maze Rune 110 [CheckCheck.gif]

Maze Rune 111 [CheckCheck.gif]
Maze Rune 112 [XEks.gif]
Maze Rune 113 [CheckCheck.gif]
Maze Rune 114 [XEks.gif]
Maze Rune 115 [XEks.gif]
Maze Rune 116 [XEks.gif]
Maze Rune 117 [XEks.gif]
Maze Rune 118 [XEks.gif]
Maze Rune 119 [XEks.gif]

Monsters Mangled
(Revitalization Team)
Gumdrop [XEks.gif] Egungun [XEks.gif] Babalu Aye [XEks.gif]
Hippalectryon [XEks.gif] Chuhaister [XEks.gif] Kuperan [XEks.gif]
Tupilaq [XEks.gif] Scultone [XEks.gif] Skoll [XEks.gif]
Shadhavar [XEks.gif]

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