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Where I am

This user plays on the Asura Server.
This user is a Citizen of San d'Oria
Rank 10


Job Unlocked Level Progress Percent
 Bard (?) XEks 1
 Beastmaster (?) CheckCheck 7
 Black Mage (?) CheckCheck 36
 Blue Mage (?) CheckCheck 75
 Corsair (?) CheckCheck 9
 Dancer (?) CheckCheck 49
 Dark Knight (?) XEks 0
 Dragoon (?) XEks 1
 Geomancer (?) XEks 1
 Monk (?) CheckCheck 99
 Ninja (?) CheckCheck 37
 Paladin (?) CheckCheck 16
 Puppetmaster (?) CheckCheck 11
 Ranger (?) CheckCheck 37
 Red Mage (?) CheckCheck 7
 Rune Fencer (?) XEks 1
 Samurai (?) CheckCheck 84
 Scholar (?) CheckCheck 49
 Summoner (?) CheckCheck 81
 Thief (?) CheckCheck 9
 Warrior (?) CheckCheck 54
 White Mage (?) CheckCheck 99


Craft Skills:
Craft Skill Craft Skill Craft Skill
3 0 0
0 3 83.9
2 76.1 14


This character has completed Rise of the Zilart Missions.
This character has completed the Chains of Promathia Missions and chose the Tamas Ring.
This user has completed Aht Urhgan Mission 44.
This user is a Captain rank Mercenary of Aht Urhgan.
This user has completed Apocalypse Nigh and chose the Magnetic Earring.
Goblin Replica Small This user has won 6 of the 10 Dynamis zones.


Limbus entrances This user enjoys Limbus.
SalvageUser This user enjoys Salvage.
Nyzul Isle This user enjoys Nyzul Isle Assault and has a Runic Disc recorded up to floor 100.

The Miraculous Dale

Endgame Kills

Divine Might (ZM14)
Ark Angels: CheckCheck
Storms of Fate
Bahamut: CheckCheck
Storms of Fate II
Ouryu Cometh: XEks, The Wyrmking Descends: XEks
Waking the Beast
Shiva Prime: CheckCheck Garuda Prime: CheckCheck Ramuh Prime: CheckCheck
Leviathan Prime: CheckCheck Ifrit Prime: CheckCheck Titan Prime: CheckCheck
Carbuncle Prime: XEks

Ground Kings
Normal Version
Behemoth: CheckCheck Fafnir: XEks Adamantoise: XEks
HQ Version
King Behemoth: XEks Nidhogg: XEks Aspidochelone: XEks

Genbu: CheckCheck Suzaku: CheckCheck Seiryu: CheckCheck Byakko: CheckCheck
Kirin: CheckCheck

Tier I
Ix'aern (Dark Knight): CheckCheck Ix'aern (Monk): CheckCheck Ix'aern (Dragoon): CheckCheck
Tier II
Jailer of Faith: CheckCheck Jailer of Temperance: CheckCheck Jailer of Fortitude: CheckCheck
Tier III
Jailer of Justice: CheckCheck Jailer of Hope: CheckCheck Jailer of Prudence: CheckCheck
Tier IV
Jailer of Love: CheckCheck
Tier V
Absolute Virtue: XEks

Limbus - Level 75
Proto-Omega: CheckCheck Proto-Ultima: CheckCheck
Limbus - Level 99
CS Apollyon II: CheckCheck Arch-Omega: CheckCheck
Central Temenos - Basement II: XEks Arch-Ultima: XEks

Aht Urgham HNMs
Cerberus: CheckCheck Hydra: XEks Khimaira: XEks

Bhaflau Remnants Arrapago Remnants
Long-Bowed Chariot: CheckCheck Armored Chariot: CheckCheck
Silver Sea Remnants Zhayolm Remnants
Long-Armed Chariot: CheckCheck Battleclad Chariot: CheckCheck

Odin's Chamber: CheckCheck Odin's Chamber II: XEks

Zeni Notorious Monsters
Tier I
Chamrosh: CheckCheck Chigre: CheckCheck Velionis: CheckCheck
Vulpangue: CheckCheck Ob: CheckCheck Cheese Hoarder Gigiroon: CheckCheck
Tier II
Verdelet: CheckCheck Iriz Ima: CheckCheck Wulgaru: CheckCheck
Tier III
Armed Gears: CheckCheck Dea: CheckCheck Mahjlaef the Paintorn: CheckCheck
Experimental Lamia: CheckCheck Gotoh Zha the Redolent: CheckCheck
Tier IV
Tinnin: CheckCheck Tyger: XEks Sarameya: XEks
Tier V
Pandemonium Warden: XEks

Other famous NMs
Timed Spawn
King Arthro: CheckCheck Roc: CheckCheck Simurgh: CheckCheck
Xolotl: CheckCheck Ungur: CheckCheck Bright-handed Kunberry: CheckCheck
Guivre: CheckCheck Cactrot Rapido: CheckCheck
Lottery Spawn
Voluptuous Vivian: CheckCheck Pelican: CheckCheck
Forced Spawn
Alastor Antlion: CheckCheck Hakutaku: CheckCheck Fomors NM Sacrarium (Swift Belt): CheckCheck
Golden-Tongued Culberry: CheckCheck



Captain: 26th June 2008

Rank Leujaoam Mamool Lebros Periqia Ilrusi
PSC CheckCheck CheckCheck CheckCheck CheckCheck CheckCheck
PFC CheckCheck CheckCheck CheckCheck CheckCheck CheckCheck
SP CheckCheck CheckCheck CheckCheck CheckCheck CheckCheck
LC CheckCheck CheckCheck CheckCheck CheckCheck CheckCheck
C CheckCheck CheckCheck CheckCheck CheckCheck CheckCheck
S CheckCheck CheckCheck CheckCheck CheckCheck CheckCheck
SM CheckCheck CheckCheck CheckCheck CheckCheck CheckCheck
CS CheckCheck CheckCheck CheckCheck CheckCheck CheckCheck
SL CheckCheck CheckCheck CheckCheck CheckCheck CheckCheck
FL CheckCheck CheckCheck CheckCheck CheckCheck CheckCheck

Disc rune progress saved in Nyzul Isle Assault: 100th floor

Salvage gear

MARDUK'S GEAR Level 15 Level 25 Level 35 Crafted!
Head CheckCheck CheckCheck CheckCheck CheckCheck
Body CheckCheck XEks XEks XEks
Hands CheckCheck CheckCheck CheckCheck CheckCheck
Legs CheckCheck CheckCheck CheckCheck CheckCheck
Feet CheckCheck CheckCheck XEks XEks
USUKANE'S GEAR Level 15 Level 25 Level 35 Crafted!
Head CheckCheck XEks XEks XEks
Body XEks XEks XEks XEks
Hands CheckCheck XEks XEks XEks
Legs CheckCheck CheckCheck CheckCheck CheckCheck
Feet CheckCheck CheckCheck CheckCheck CheckCheck
MORRIGAN'S GEAR Level 15 Level 25 Level 35 Crafted!
Head CheckCheck XEks XEks XEks
Body CheckCheck XEks XEks XEks
Hands XEks XEks XEks XEks
Legs CheckCheck XEks XEks XEks
Feet CheckCheck XEks XEks XEks
SKADI'S GEAR Level 15 Level 25 Level 35 Crafted!
Head XEks XEks XEks XEks
Body CheckCheck CheckCheck XEks XEks
Hands XEks XEks XEks XEks
Legs XEks XEks XEks XEks
Feet XEks XEks XEks CheckCheck

Mythic Weapon Progress


Empyrean Weapon Progress


Unlocked Atmas


La Theine








Synthetic (Visions)

Synthetic (Scars)

Synthetic (Heroes)


Unlocked Atmacites

Atmacite of the Adamant: XEks

Unlocked Periapts

Periapt Name Color Obtained
Adaptability Vivid XEks
Dusky XEks
Catalysis Vivid XEks
Dusky XEks
Clarity None XEks
Concentration Vivid XEks
Dusky XEks
Concord Vivid XEks
Dusky XEks
Emergence None XEks
Exploration Vivid XEks
Dusky XEks
Focus Vivid XEks
Dusky XEks
Frontiers Vivid XEks
Dusky XEks
Neutral XEks
Glory Vivid XEks
Dusky XEks
Guidance None XEks
Intensity Vivid XEks
Dusky XEks
Percipience None XEks
Prudence Vivid XEks
Dusky XEks
Readiness Vivid XEks
Dusky XEks

Blue Mages Spells

Spell Name Learnt Spell Name Learnt Spell Name Learnt
Level Up to 75 Level 76-80 Level 81-85
Hysteric Barrage CheckCheck Plenilune Embrace CheckCheck Final Sting XEks
Tail Slap XEks Acrid Stream XEks Goblin Rush XEks
Spinal Cleave XEks Leafstorm CheckCheck Vanity Dive XEks
Body Slam CheckCheck Cimicine Discharge XEks Magic Barrier XEks
Memento Mori XEks Regeneration CheckCheck Whirl of Rage XEks
Ram Charge XEks Animating Wail XEks Auroral Drape XEks
Exuviation CheckCheck Battery Charge CheckCheck Osmosis XEks
Triumphant Roar CheckCheck Blazing Bound XEks Quadratic Continuum XEks
Sub-zero Smash XEks Demoralizing Roar CheckCheck Fantod XEks

Spell Name Learnt Spell Name Learnt Spell Name Learnt
Level 86-90 Level 91-95 Level 96-99
Thermal Pulse XEks Barrier Tusk XEks Quadrastrike XEks
Empty Thrash XEks Barrier Tusk XEks Vapor Spray XEks
Dream Flower XEks Mortal Ray XEks Thunder Breath XEks
Occultation XEks Heavy Strike XEks Orcish Counterstance XEks
Charged Whisker XEks Water Bomb XEks Amorphic Spikes XEks
Winds of Promyvion XEks Dark Orb XEks Wind Breath XEks
Delta Thrust XEks White Wind XEks Barbed Crescent XEks
Everyone's Grudge XEks Sudden Lunge XEks
Reaving Wind XEks

Old Objectives

Merit abilities

Info relationed Job Ability/Treat Current Status
White Mage Devotion (10min) CheckCheck
Cure Cast Time Level 5 CheckCheck
Monk Counter Rate Level 3 XEks
Counter Rate Lvl 4 XEks
Counter Rate Lvl 5 XEks
Kick Attack Rate Lvl 3 XEks
Kick Attack Rate Lvl 4 XEks
Kick Attack Rate Lvl 5 XEks

Various NMs

Objective Type Info relationed Item Rare/Ex Current Status Comments
Other NMs Ose Assault Jerkin XEks
Xolotl Bandomusha Kote CheckCheck 31/03/2009

Endgame activities

Objective Type Info relationed Job Ab./Item objective Current Status Comments
Sky Steam Cleaner Indra Katars XEks
Kirin Shura Togi CheckCheckCheckCheckCheckCheck 18/12/2008
Crimson Cuisses XEks
Zipacna Ushikirimaru CheckCheck 02/07/2009
Sea/Limbus Sea monsters organs Shadow Gorget XEks 86.67%
Korin Obi CheckCheck 100%
Relaxing Earring XEks 20%
AF+1 crafting Temple Hose +1 CheckCheck 100%
Proto-Omega Homam Cosciales CheckCheckCheckCheckCheckCheck ¡Homam 5/5!
Homam Gambieras CheckCheck
Proto-Ultima Nashira Gages CheckCheck 04/08/2009
Salvage Marduk's Tiara Anu's Tiara CheckCheck
Ea's Tiara XEks
Enlil's Tiara CheckCheck
Marduk's Crackows Anu's Gaiters CheckCheck
Ea's Crackows CheckCheck
Enlil's Crackows XEks
Usukane Hizayoroi Hoshikazu Hakama CheckCheck
Tsukikazu Haidate CheckCheckCheckCheckCheckCheck 18/10/2009
Hikazu Hakama CheckCheckCheckCheckCheckCheck 13/12/2008
Usukane Sune-Ate Hoshikazu Kyahan CheckCheck 21/10/2009
Tsukikazu Sune-Ate XEks
Hikazu Sune-Ate CheckCheck 17/05/2009
Nyzul Isle HNM Floor 60 Climbing CheckCheck
Goliard Cuffs
(Goliard 5/5)
CheckCheckCheckCheckCheckCheck 11/01/2009
HNM Floor 80 Climbing CheckCheck
Denali Jacket
(Denali 5/5)
CheckCheckCheckCheckCheckCheck 28/01/2009
HNM Floor 100 Runic Key CheckCheck
Denali Bonnet CheckCheckCheckCheckCheckCheck 05/12/2008
Mythic Weapons Drops
Werebuster CheckCheck CheckCheck Mystic Boon
Wightslayer CheckCheck CheckCheck Expiacion
Burning Fists CheckCheck CheckCheck Ascetic's Fury
Scepter Staff CheckCheck XEks Garland of Bliss
Zeni Notorious Monsters Chigre Blood Ring CheckCheck 1/7 {/sigh}
Cheese Hoarder Gigiroon Beast Slayer CheckCheck Lotted @989!
Mahjlaef the Paintorn Legion Scutum XEks
Einherjar Farming Ampoules in any wings Morgana's Choker CheckCheck
Iota Ring CheckCheck
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