Done for now

In progress

  • Ambuscade Rewards pages
  • Grinding away at fixing the Guild Point values for every item
  • Updating Coalition Assignment pages as I work through them.

Would like to work on

  • responsive replacement for all of the site html tables.
  • Dealing with the signal/noise ratio the "Special Items" category page.
    • Arguably we don't do nearly enough categorization of item pages in general, which causes folks to dump "I don't know what this does" items into "Special Items," which is so overloaded it just means "Items" at this point.
  • Putting more at-a-glance information into food category pages.
  • Fix layout and information about artifact/relic/empyrean upgrade items and process.
  • Item Image cleanup ongoing, as I find them. Most of the time images are just out of date or have issues with compression artifacts, messy cropping, altered fonts, etc.
  • The clock stopped on ffxidb a while ago when Guildwork support abruptly collapsed, and it looks like whatever used to pay for the services is on life support at best, it might not be a bad idea to digest as much of the drop rate information as possible before it goes dark.
  • Template:BastionItem and Template:CreditsItem seem to be duplicates of one another. ffxiclopedia does have a duplicate/unused templates problem in general but this one seems easy to fix given the limited scope of items that can be purchased with that particular currency.
  • I'm giving serious consideration to removing table layouts from merchants, drop tables, bcnm rewards, etc from all item pages. They're not portable to mobile, aren't constructed in a uniform manner and in general are a ton of code to manually edit and maintain. Labeled unordered lists should be good enough for most items with one drop source, and finding some way to compactly represent items with a lot of different sources is an ongoing investigation.
  • Having to make edits to guides from 2010 as I update item images is very time-consuming. I'm tempted to stop doing this and put guides with a cutoff of 2013 (Adoulin) into an 'archived' category with a top-of-page warning about obsolete guides so I don't have to keep going back and making dozens of tiny edits as item images get updated to reflect their modern statistics.
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