This user plays on the Lakshmi Server.
UKFlag This user plays from the UK.
PCimage2 This user plays mostly on a personal computer.
Female This user is female.

About the Player

I started playing FFXI almost two years ago, when I first started going to university (as an excuse not to go out with my flatmates) I was shown FFXI by my friend (who later became my housemate of now 18months.) with that Tisiphone was created. My friend told me I should go for a Elvaan Monk while I started out. I quickly leveled Monk, did the subjob quest, then move to THF for Sneak Attack + Combo. Thief for me was a very long process of getting to 18. I also decided to level Warrior to 18 for the same purpose. In February 2007 I left Monk at 35 and decided to become a White Mage, and I have never looked back. Finally on 20 September 2007, 17:16:17 I beat Maat. I hit level 75 on 07 January 2008, 00:08:12.


This user is an Elvaan.
Whmsmall This user is a level 75 White Mage.
Palsmall This user is a level 75 Paladin.
Samsmall This user is a level 75 Samurai.
Rdmsmall This user is a level 75 Red Mage.
Job st img01 This user is a level 75 Warrior.
Mnksmall This user is a level 75 Monk.
Corsair pic01 This user is a level 75 Corsair.
DNCJOBPAGE This user is a level 75 Dancer.
Drgsmall This user is a level 75 Dragoon.
DancerUserBoxImage This user has a bad case of Dancer fever!
Merit2 This user has earned a total of 161 Merit Points.
Goblin Replica Small This user has won 9 of the 10 Dynamis zones.
Death This character has graduated from the Valkurm Dunes School of Hard Knocks with 18 job(s).
Einherjar-ubox This user enjoys Einherjar .
Wyvern012 This character's Wyvern is named Lumiere .
Automaton This character's Automaton is named Oniwaka .
Besiege 02 This user valiantly protects the Astral Candescence by playing Besieged.
This user is a Citizen of San d'Oria
Rank 10
This user has completed CoP Mission 8-4 .
Mentor This user is a Mentor
VanadielTribuneFeather This user enjoyed reading the Vana'diel Tribune and wishes it would come back.



Rank Leujaoam Sanctum Mamool Ja Training Grounds Lebros Cavern Periqia Ilrusi Atoll
PSC CheckCheck Leujaoam Cleansing CheckCheck Imperial Agent Rescue CheckCheck Excavation Duty CheckCheck Seagull Grounded CheckCheck Golden Salvage
PFC XEks Orichalcum Survey CheckCheck Preemptive Strike CheckCheck Lebros Supplies CheckCheck Requiem CheckCheck Lamia No.13
SP XEks Escort Professor Chanoix CheckCheck Sagelord Elimination CheckCheck Troll Fugitives CheckCheck Saving Private Ryaaf CheckCheck Extermination
LC CheckCheck Shanarha Grass Conservation CheckCheck Breaking Morale CheckCheck Evade and Escape CheckCheck Shooting Down the Baron CheckCheck Demolition Duty
C XEks Counting Sheep XEks The Double Agent CheckCheck Siegemaster Assassination XEks Building Bridges CheckCheck Searat Salvation
S CheckCheck Supplies Recovery CheckCheck Imperial Treasure Retrieval CheckCheck Apkallu Breeding CheckCheck Stop the Bloodshed CheckCheck Apkallu Seizure
SM CheckCheck Azure Experiments CheckCheck Blitzkrieg CheckCheck Wamoura Farm Raid CheckCheck Defuse the Threat CheckCheck Lost and Found
CS CheckCheck Imperial Code CheckCheck Marids in the Mist CheckCheck Egg Conservation CheckCheck Operation: Snake Eyes CheckCheck Deserter
SL CheckCheck Red Versus Blue CheckCheck Azure Ailments CheckCheck Operation: Black Pearl CheckCheck Wake the Puppet CheckCheck Desperately Seeking Cephalopods
FL CheckCheck Bloody Rondo CheckCheck The Susanoo Shuffle CheckCheck Better Than One CheckCheck The Price is Right CheckCheck Bellerophon's Bliss



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