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Character Info

This user plays on the Bahamut Server.
This user is an Elvaan.
Pearl Sack Icon This user is a sack holder of the linkshell MoonlightAngels .
This user is a Citizen of San d'Oria
Rank 10

Completed Jobs

Rdmsmall This user is a level 75 Red Mage.
Brdsmall This User is a level 75 Bard.
Blmsmall This user is a level 75 Black Mage.
DNCJOBPAGE This user is a level 75 Dancer.


This user has completed the Rise of the Zilart Missions and chose the Beastly Earring from the Divine Might Quest.
This user has completed the Chains of Promathia Missions and chose the Tamas Ring .
This user has completed the Treasures of Aht Urhgan Missions and chose the Ulthalam's Ring.
This character has completed Wings of the Goddess Mission 51 .


This user is a level 100+3 Chef.
This user is a level 42 Fisherman.
This user is a level 31 Alchemist.
This user is a level 50 Carpenter.

Detailed Info

Jobs Status

Level: 50 50 50 87 15 90 1 37 11 83 24 7 50 7 22 11 7 76 83 50

 Job  Unlocked   Level Progress  Percent 
 Warrior N/A 50
 White Mage N/A 50
 Monk N/A 50
 Black Mage N/A 87
 Thief N/A 15
 Red Mage N/A 90
 Bard CheckCheck 83
 Beastmaster CheckCheck 11
 Blue Mage CheckCheck 11
 Corsair CheckCheck 7
 Dark Knight CheckCheck 37
 Dragoon CheckCheck 7
 Ninja CheckCheck 50
 Paladin CheckCheck 1
 Puppetmaster CheckCheck 76
 Ranger CheckCheck 24
 Samurai CheckCheck 7
 Summoner CheckCheck 22
 Dancer CheckCheck 83
 Scholar CheckCheck 50

Personal Info

  • Playing FFXI for over 3 years. In game time is 286 days, 9 hours, 2 minutes, and 28 seconds. XD
  • My current goals:
Continue working on RDM Guide --> Elvaan: Red Mage Guide by Tifaia
Complete all Assault Missions
Level up PUP to 75
Level up DNC to 75 -- COMPLETED!!
Break Heart Snatcher -- COMPLETED! After 2 years or waiting!
Achieve Death Blossom -- COMPLETED!
Level 100 Nyzul Isle Assault -- COMPLETED!
Fish 10,000 Moat Carp for Lu Shang's Fishing Rod -- COMPLETED! 200 fish for 50 days


Despite his/her better judgment, this user has become addicted to Raising Chocobos.
This character raised and retired a Male Red chocobo named JupiterStar.
This character raised and retired a Male Red chocobo named PhoenixStar.
Stars Cap This user represented the Bahamut Server in the 2006 Ballista Royale Tournament.
AssaultQuests This user enjoys Assault.
This character is a FL rank Mercenary of Aht Urhgan
Automaton This character's Automaton is named Kintoki.


  • One of my in-game hobbies is to film moments and create videos. Here are just a few you can catch on YouTube:
  • Angel Wings ~ Blaksen testing out the new firework Angel Wing with Savage Blade.
Angel Wings ~

Angel Wings ~

Jaded Genchi - Limbus Temenos

Jaded Genchi - Limbus Temenos

  • Marriage Proposal ~ Wedding invitation and as a gift I wanted to create a video for the couple. Ended up being linked to the FFXI Wiki hume emote for poke for a few months.
Final Fantasy XI Marriage Proposal

Final Fantasy XI Marriage Proposal

Story of the Father

  • Part of a story I've been working on to better describe Tifa's character, as well as her family and her brother Blaksen.

Kameko Alaster. He was a paladin for the Royal Knights of San d’Oria. The Alaster bloodline has always had a strong relationship with the knights. At least one member of every generation has served valiantly in the army. The family has been recognized by the royals and the citizens of San d’Oria for keeping the city safe. After the death of his younger brother, Kameko was the last of his bloodline. He married at a young age and settled in ‘Watchdog Alley’ in Southern San d’Oria. It didn’t take long for him to become noticed. His skills as a paladin excelled quickly and he rose high in the ranks of the knights (some say that he was better than the captain and even King Destin). His wife bore him two children.

At the start of the Crystal War, his son, Blaksen, was 2, and his daughter, Tifaia, was only a few months old. Since their birth, Kameko changed a little bit each day. He would spend more time at home than patrolling the streets. Missions to Orcish and Beastmen strongholds would be passed to others. Without realizing it, his family became his life, and Alastor was happy.

The brutality of the war escalated. Beastmen were moving closer to the city each day. Kameko was forced to leave his family to protect San d’Oria. The Quadav and Orc forces were starting a battle in Konschtat Highlands amongst the Republic of Bastok. King Destin decided it would be the best time to attack as both armies were pre-occupied with their own battle (in essence, to wipe out the Beastmen and some of Bastok in one sitting). Kameko stood up in their meeting and objected. Killing the Beastmen being controlled by The Shadow Lord was one thing, but turning against their own men was another. He knew that other’s felt the same way, but no one was following his protest. Without another word, Kameko sat back down with the glaring eyes of his comrades.

Within an hour of that meeting, most of the San d’Orian army had left and reached the outskirts of the Highlands. The battle between the Beastmen and Bastok had consumed the land. Creatures that roamed this area were no longer. All that could be heard or seen were the cries of war. Alastor was forced to take a portion of the army and attack a small group of Bastokians and Quadavs near the Gustav boarder. Against his will, his men charged at both armies. He stayed behind and watched, his face full of pain.


His voice was loud and commanding. All three sides stopped fighting to face him (his voice was known to stop people in their tracks). ‘We won’t win like this. There will be no peace amongst our nations if we can not work together. People of Bastok, I ask for your forgiveness. Even the Beastmen have a right to live as well.’ Some of the knights look at him with questioning eyes, but most agreed. The Beastmen appeared to ignore Kameko’s words and started their attack again. Bastok fought back and the San d’Orian’s stood with them. It was a small victory, but a step in the right direction. With this group of Beastmen defeated, the two parties pushed forward as one. News of the alliance spread, and the two nations became one for that brief moment in history to defeat the Beastmen and reclaim the Highlands.

But Kameko vanished. After the battle, he hopped on a stray chocobo and disappeared. He had defied his King, his nation, and ruined his reputation in order to do the right thing. Going back home would place a huge burden on his family. So, he left and never returned. His wife was informed by a member of the Royal Knights. As saddened as she was that she would probably never see him again, she was proud of his actions. King Destin understood that it was Alastor’s actions and that he shouldn’t punish the family, however pressure from other noble families forced Destin to place a restriction on the Alaster family.

Unless there is solid proof of their loyalty, no one from the Alaster family is to be assigned a noble title. They are not to be admitted into the Royal Knights of San d’Oria. The people of San d’Oria recognize the achievements made to protect our nation, but they are no longer a badge of honor. Everything the bloodline had worked for had been stripped away. This is the world that Tifaia and her older brother Blaksen grew up in. They were sometimes taunted by the children of the nobles, and looked down upon by knights, but they always managed to hold their own. Though they never understood his actions till they were older, they love and respected their father. It’s been over 20 years since the end of the Crystal War. Through their hardships, they knew that they wanted to show the people of San d’Oria that they could make a difference.

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