Male This user is male.
Rainbow Flag This user is openly gay.
Bdaycakeicon This user's birthday is December 4th, 1988.
This user plays on the Siren Server.
This user is a Hume.
Ffxi flg 01l This user is a Citizen of Bastok
Rank 10
This user is a Citizen of San d'Oria
Rank 10
This user has completed Zilart Mission 15 .
This user has completed CoP Mission 4-1 .
This user has completed Aht Urhgan Mission 34 .
Thfsmall This user is a level 80 Thief.

Template:Corsair 80

This user is a level 28 Alchemist.

Tm4a This character's Adventuring Fellow Vinja-Kanja is a level 57 Soothing Healer.
Wyvern012 This character's Wyvern is named Lunaire .
Automaton This character's Automaton is named Serenade .
Summons This user has obtained 11 of the 13 Avatars.
Pearl Sack Icon This user is a sack holder of the linkshell RoguesofFormerLinks .
Mentor This user is a Mentor
NMlogo This user enjoys hunting Notorious Monsters.
NMlogo This user's favorite Notorious Monster in all of Vana'diel is Cheese Hoarder Gigiroon .
Vanadielworldmap This user's favorite area or region is The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah .

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